Daniel’s Seventy-Sevens Illusive Time Gap is Finally Filled In by Author Mary E Lewis

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Christians for Life Ministries announced today that the unknown time Gap from the Ascension of Christ to His Return is now known after mystifying Bible Scholars for Three Thousand Years. Filling in the Time Gap has Significant Value in Evaluating Church Doctrines and Teachings as Bible Truth or False Prophecy.

Ms. Lewis’ motto is “Keep It Simple Saints.” Keeping it simple and true to the Word is how she uncovered the Bible highway to New Jerusalem in Daniel’s prophecy of seventy sevens. The Bible calls it the highway of holiness and the way of YaHavah. She dubbed the seventy sevens highway, Route 77 to New Jerusalem, which is also the title of her 25-page booklet explaining how it works in the scheme of end time prophecy.

A short summary of Ms. Lewis’s discovery reveals the six objectives of Daniel 9:24, as signposts on Route 77. In verses 9:25-26a, the timing within Daniel’s prophecy provides strong interpretive parameters by which all end time doctrines may be tested. The same objectives and timing are the subjects of a multitude of differences of opinion today. Filling in the time gap promises to provide Christians with Bible-defined guidelines that expose false end time doctrines. One might think it sounds too simple.

Ms. Lewis states, “False teachings are responsible for difficulty in understanding the Bible’s prophecies and symbols. Break that mystique and false prophecy loses its power.” And “There are many extra-Biblical writings claiming to be from God, which comes from outside information or content concerning God and his work or his will, which are not directly stated in scripture. The term 'extra-Biblical' refers to “eisogesis”, meaning superimposed teachings, practices, and concepts claiming misinterpreted scriptures as support. The core words of extra-Biblical teachings are never clearly defined in the Bible. On the other hand, “exegesis”, means drawing from the text of the Bible. No one can literally change the truth of the Bible, but faulty understanding can result in wrong interpretations causing dissension in the Body of Christ. This is a fact proven by Church history, Israel’s history, and the history of all humankind.” (Quoted with permission from “New Jerusalem Travel Ensurance, Bible Doctrine Package” by Mary E. Lewis)

The impetus of Ms. Lewis’s astonishing revelation is the prospect of churches shedding denominational differences in favor of one Church in one Spirit, mind, and purpose as Biblically intended.

Mary E. Lewis is administrator of Christians for Life Ministries and minister of God’s Word with a lofty, but hopeful mission of encouraging believers of Christ to hear the Spirit of YaHavah through the Word, to expose false doctrine, and to understand and commit fully to the Great Commission. Ms. Lewis has thirty-three years of Spirit filled Bible study and intuitive writing behind her.

Contact information for Mary E. Lewis:
Christians for Life Ministries
P.O. Box 66891
Albuquerque, NM 87193
Web: http://www.fireofthelord.com
Phone: 505-508-8802

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