Epic 2012 Olympics 5,000m and 10,000m Wins for Salazar’s American and British Protégés

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On the evening of August 4, 2012, two of coach, Alberto Salazar’s, Oregon Project protégés emerged as winners during the 10,000m, nabbing the gold and silver for Great Britain and America, respectively. These elite athletes, Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, showed incredible talent and skill. They also put to rest any doubts about Salazar’s unconventional training methods, which includes having them run significant weekly miles on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill.

HydroWorx for me- it’s my number one tool for my athletes to be able to bridge the gap from where Americans have been traditionally to where we are trying to get to be competitive.

For years, Salazar has been questioned by the press, as well as by some of his colleagues, regarding his implementation of untraditional technologies to help his runners reach unbelievable levels. In London, Farah (who also snagged the gold in the 5,000m) and Rupp proved to the world that the wisdom Salazar has shown by thoroughly investigating breakthrough training machines like underwater treadmills, has helped his athletes reach their goals.

As Galen states, “You know, I think just being able to consistently put together year after year of good training has been probably one of the most significant reasons for my continued success in running. A lot of that is due to running on the HydroWorx consistently and being able to get a lot of miles on there.”

Farah and Rupp may have actually exceeded their own expectations. Rupp’s second place honor in the 10,000m made him the first American man since 1964 to medal in the event. Farah’s double gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m puts him at an especially exclusive Olympian level. Not only is it rare for runners to take top place in two distance runs, it has never been done by a British athlete.

With so many record-breaking performances by his athletes, Salazar is receiving newfound momentum for his innovative training methodologies. He’s quick to note that Rupp, thanks to his underwater running, never lost a day of training due to overuse injuries (common among Olympic runners.) Additionally, Salazar has nothing but praise for the opportunity to bring such extraordinary training modalities, such as the HydroWorx underwater treadmill, to his eager apprentices: “HydroWorx for me- it’s my number one tool for my athletes to be able to bridge the gap from where Americans have been traditionally to where we are trying to get to be competitive.”

Those interested in learning more about the underwater treadmill training embraced by Salazar can receive a complimentary copy of the new book Underwater Treadmill Running (authored by Salazar and Dr. Dennis Dolny of Utah State University) by visiting http://info.hydroworx.com/underwater-treadmill-running-book .

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