Let's Get Healthy Today! At 65, Morley Evans Says Since Dropping Statin Drugs and Eating More Fruits and Vegetables he is Healthier than he was at 56 or 46 or 16 or 6

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In a news conference in Regina today, Morley Evans said since dropping statin drugs and eating more fruits and vegetables he is healthier at 65 than he was at 56 or 46 or 16 or 6! Evans suggested that there is a paradigm shift underway that the pharmaceutical industry is powerless to stop despite its trillions of dollars and powerful protectors.

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Morley Evans

Let's get healthy, today!

Statin Drugs are on the grill. At a news conference in Regina today, Morley Evans made the following statement:

"I will be 65 in less than two weeks. My blood pressure is 100/63 which is "the blood pressure of children and athletes." I work out every other day and tan in between. I bench press fifty-pound dumbbells and do other things. I am not the oldest person at the gym. I am not the youngest person at the gym. I am not the strongest person at the gym. I am not the weakest person at the gym. What am I? I am the most improved person at the gym: In June 2000, I was at death's door. I was in a coma after being very sick for the previous eight years: I had iatrogenesis. I weighed 115 pounds when I came home from hospital. I spent the next two years sitting in a Lay-Z-Boy all day unable to do anything else. I slowly recovered my health through nutrition and exercise. At 65, I am healthier today than I was at 56, or 46, or 36, or 26, or 16, or 6! Who else can say that? Can you? Will I live another sixty years? I might not, but it sure feels that way today. Who else can say that? Can you? I can't believe how good I feel! Wouldn't you like to be young again? Of course you would! You can."

Reporter #9 demanded to know how Evans can claim he is healthier at 65 than he was at 6.

Evans replied, "I had severe allergies and chronic asthma from the time I was four."

Reporter #2 asked what iatrogenesis is.

Evans replied that iatrogenesis is a disease caused by a doctor.

Reporter #4 wanted Evans to explain how that happened.

Evans replied that in 1992 his doctor prescribed Zocor to lower his cholesterol. "I was told I would have to take it for the rest of my life," Evans said. "There are no side effects, my doctor told me. He lied. Side effects crippled me immediately," Evans concluded. "I lost twenty years, thanks to him, other doctors, pharmacists and the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Pfizer."

Reporter #8 asked how Evans recovered.

"I stopped taking statin drugs (by accident) and I stopped listening to doctors," Evans answered. "I recovered thanks to nutrition and exercise."

Reporter #12 wanted to know why he should believe Evans.

"I kept a detailed record of what happened," Evans answered. "I started recording it nine years before I had even heard the word "statin" or knew that statin drugs were responsible. I stopped recording it a year before I learned about statins. You can see my history here.

"By the Grace of God, I recovered my health thanks to the phytonutrients and antioxidants contained in whole food — specifically in raw fruits and vegetables. As the years went by and I continued to improve, I became aware that there is a paradigm shift going on in medicine that the pharmaceutical industry is powerless to stop.

"Pharmaceutical medicine — my doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies — sent me to Hell (twice). They almost killed me. They played no part in my recovery and they are only interested in hanging onto their ill-gotten gains through legal chicanery. Their actions revoke their license to be in business," Evans concluded. "They don't care about anyone. They are only in it for the money. Pharmaceutical medicine is bleeding us white and it doesn't even work. Pharmaceutical medicine deserves to die."

Morley Evans of Evans Consulting Services established "SUE! Statins!" in 2012 to expose statin drugs — and the people who promote them — as a public health menace.

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