Stormcaller Released For Hurricane Season

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Fantasy/detective novel featuring god of storms released as ebook during hurricane season.

All of my stories are based on creatures that we know from myths and legends - but I add my own little twists.

When do you release a book about a god who threatens the world with a storm if people fail to restore his worship? “Hurricane season.” According to Studio See Publishing LLC, which chose now to release the ebook version of Stormcaller, the second book in author P.L. Blair's Portals fantasy/detective series.

Stormcaller pits Corpus Christi, Texas, police detectives Kat Morales and Tevis MacLeod against Tlaloc, a being worshiped by the Aztecs as a god of storms, fertility and virulent diseases including tuberculosis and leprosy, according to Pam See, Studio See CEO and president.

“Tlaloc wants his worship restored, complete with human sacrifices, and if that doesn't happen, he will call up a megahurricane to destroy the Texas coast,” See adds.

To defeat a god, Kat, Tevis and their allies have to journey through the Portals – giving Blair's readers a glimpse of the Realms of Magic and the perils awaiting there.

The book has been available in print, but Studio See is converting all of Blair's books to digital format, See continued. Two other books in Blair's series will be released as ebooks later this year, and future books in the series will be released as ebooks first, the publisher said.

“Ebooks are a growing segment of the book trade,” she said. She added, “Pat's (Blair's) books are a perfect fit. They're well-written, fun, easy reads.”

Blair's first book, Shadow Path, was released last year as an ebook – and received a Reviewer's Choice Award in the Young Adult category from the Paranormal Romance Guild, an organization for readers and writers of that genre.

Blair's series is based on her premise that wizards, elves, dragons and all the other creatures – including ancient gods – of our folklore and mythology are real and exist on a world parallel to our own. This world, whose inhabitants call it the Realms of Magic, is separated from our human world by gateways – the Portals which give Blair's series its name.

“In ancient times,” Blair elaborates, “the Portals were open, and our ancestors had contact with these beings from the Realms. That's why we have legends of wizards, elves, magic, dragons, gods … Then sometime around – say – a thousand or so years ago, the Portals were closed. So we haven't had contact with these beings, and we dismiss them as myths … folklore … fantasy.

“Then, in the not-too-distant future, the Portals open again – and all these creatures are returning to our world, and some of them use their magical abilities to commit crimes.

“That's where the fun begins.”

Blair writes her books in a mystery format, with a continuing cast of main characters but a stand-alone plot in each novel. Her primary characters are Kat Morales, a human detective with the Corpus Christi, Texas, police department, and Kat's partner Tevis – an elf.

“There's a lot of me in Kat,” Blair says. “Except she's younger, bolder, prettier. Tevis is a bit of a cross between Sherlock Holmes – still my all-time favorite fictional detective – and Illya Kuryakin, the Russian spy on the old Man From Uncle TV series.”

In Shadow Path, Kat and Tevis – and their allies including a wizard, Arvandus – are on the trail of a necromancer, a magic-wielder who deals in death, a former lover of Tevis who's now out to extinguish her old flame permanently.

“Part of the fun, for me,” Blair says, “is to play with what we think we know. All of my stories are based on creatures that we know from myths and legends – but I add my own little twists. Pixies, which I introduce in Shadow Path, are nothing like Tinker Bell. The Realms of Magic are as dangerous as they are magical. In Stormcaller, Tevis and Kat journey to the very heart of the magic – the Mazewood – and I'm kind of pleased with what I created.”

The title character of Deathtalker, book 3 in Blair's series, is based on Irish legends of the lovetalker, a creature who seduced young women then left them to pine away and die of broken hearts.

“I took a lovetalker,” Blair says, “and turned him into a serial killer who induces young, strong, beautiful women to commit suicide so he can feast on their life forces. Kind of a psychic vampire.”

Sister Hoods, book 4 in the series, starts with a gang of Grecian nymphs and satyrs robbing a bank – but quickly becomes a battle to save a magical woodlands on the Texas coast.

See said Deathtalker will be released as an ebook around the end of October, and Sister Hoods is set for an ebook release in time for Christmas.

The publisher added that books 5 and 6 in Blair's series are now in the works.

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