QS Bathrooms Appreciate Bill Gates to Take a Step ahead for Solving Sanitation Issues

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QS Bathrooms appreciates Bill Gates’ initiative in mitigating the sanitation problems in various parts of the world by way of large investments on eco-friendly waterless toilets.

QS Bathrooms appreciate Bill Gates’ initiative to alleviate sanitation issues. QS Bathrooms appreciates Bill Gates’ initiative in mitigating the sanitation problems in various parts of the world by way of large investments on eco-friendly waterless toilets.

According to QS Bathrooms, realising the scarcity of sanitation in many parts of the world, it is essential to recognise the imperatives of waterless toilets. The computer juggernaut - Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates has been known not only for his entrepreneurial abilities but also for his philanthropist attributes worldwide.

The co-founder of Microsoft - Bill Gates challenges scientists to build toilets that are waterless for a large population of 2.5 billion people worldwide where there’s no access to modern sanitation whatsoever.

The computer baron has magnanimously announced $3.4mn in order to fund its ‘Reinvent the Toilet Challenge”, out of which, $100,000 will to be given to California Institute of Technology for its effort towards a sun-powered system which has been created to recycle water and convert human waste or excrement into energy.

Sanitation problems are rampant and are real woes for people in south Asia and sub-Sahara Africa, resulting in a high mortality rate; it is said that approx. 1.5 million children under the age of five die every year. However, according to Bill Gates, the latest flushable toilets are not an ideal solution to the distress, for these toilets necessitate complex sewer systems and consume too much water.

He says, "The flush toilets we use in the wealthy world are irrelevant, impractical and impossible for 40% of the global population".

He further added saying, “Beyond a question of human dignity, this lack of access also endangers people's lives, creates an economic and a health burden for poor communities, and hurts the environment."

(Source - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/bill-gates-invests-millions-toilet-tech-102451064.html)

With an objective to solve this malady, eight universities across the world got grants from his charitable institution to conceptualise and create a toilet that operates with no electricity, running water or a septic system. The system was designed with another objective, and that is - no discharge of pollutants and functions efficiently, capturing various resources and energy, just costing 5 cents a day. Interestingly, a number of prototypes have been sent for display at the open courtyard of the Seattle headquarters of the foundation, which include a toilet produced by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech); this comprises an electromechanical reactor that transforms waste into a hydrogen gas. Also, Loughborough University won a prize and was awarded by Bill Gates, for their innovative toilet, mainly, for the feature of transforming waste into mineral, biological charcoal, and cleaning water.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine also displayed their project, which transmits black soldier fly larvae to latrines and domestic or home toilets in order to process waste, which results in animal feed that are of high quality and environment friendly. In Cape Town, South Africa, this project is being tested; also, in order to sell to entrepreneurs, a kit is worked on by inventors. Notably, enquiries have also started pouring in from countries like Ghana, Haiti, Kenya and Sudan, for adopting the approach.

Co-chaired by Gates along with his father and wife - Melinda, this foundation, with a bequest worth $33bn, has garnered a reputation of being the largest philanthropic organisation.

(Source - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/bill-gates-invests-millions-toilet-tech-102451064.html)

QS Bathrooms, the leading online bathroom and showering Solution Company in the UK, have always recognised the need for such institutions and lauded their initiatives in such noble and yeomen activities. According to QS bathrooms, the scarcity of toilet and sanitation facilities in various countries leads to mortalities and distress. Every individual and household is entitled to hygienic, eco-friendly and comfortable toilets, but many are still deprived of it, and this situation leads to miserable and fatal consequences. In such conditions, help and initiatives from such philanthropic institutions will definitely bring a significant and hopeful change in the scenario, and it is always a welcome idea, and they need to be appreciated and embraced.

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