Tetra Fitness Plans to Make Austin the Fittest City on Planet

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Tetra Fitness Opens First Indoor Cycling and Group Fitness Studio In Downtown Austin Texas. Tetra is part of a new trend in the fitness industry of studios completely focused on group fitness. Tetra opened it's first studio August 13TH in Austin, TX and is having a grand opening Aug. 25th from 7:00AM-1:00PM with free classes all day.

Early in the morning before the sun shines a group of individuals are meeting in the parking lot at Corazon at Castle Hill waiting to learn about this morning’s challenge. “Every day is different, we never know what to expect. It keeps us on our toes.” says Tetra Fitness Challenge participant Allison Jones. Opening her own studio this August at 6th and Mopac, Tetra Fitness Co-founder Kathy Redden did not want to wait another day to help people get fit so she decided to turn her car into a mobile gym while the studio was being built out. As the day’s activities begin, Kathy pulls up in her Toyota Prius, a mobile gym that seems to never run out of room for fitness equipment. Class participants quickly work together to pull dumbbells, jump ropes, huge tires and endless other equipment out of every nook and cranny of her Prius. A sense of anticipation fills the air but once the challenge begins all nervousness is set aside. As the day’s challenge begins and 25 people take off down the road, they warm up and catch up with each other on what is going on in their busy week. Over a period of time the group has gotten to know each other and has learned how to help motivate each other to work hard, eat healthy and develop a lifelong habit of living exercise. In fact, research has shown that individuals work harder in a group setting than when working out alone. With a 100% focus on group fitness classes, Tetra fitness is looking to transform the concept of the traditional large gym. Many people go to the gym for the social aspect of a gym environment, but everything within a standard gym is geared towards working alone. If you look across the floor of a large gym, most of the equipment goes unused. Treadmills are often the equipment of choice. They have headsets where individuals stare mindlessly at a television. “I personally do not find this environment very motivating and quickly get bored with this routine” says co-founder Joe Berti. Austin has beautiful trails and real hills, the perfect environment for being outdoors. Tetra Fitness intentionally incorporates the outdoors into many of its classes. For example, individuals will take a spin class and then head outside for a group run on the Ladybird hike and bike trail. A boot camp class may include intervals around the marvelous Capitol at sunrise, or hopping up the stairs of Austin’s beautiful Lamar pedestrian bridge on one leg, a truly memorable experience.

“We know that we can impact an entire city” says Tetra Co-Owner Joe Berti. “Our experience is that getting people healthy is a life changing experience, and we decided we wanted that for everyone in Austin. Getting fit is also contagious.” As the team at Tetra Fitness thought about its goals and mission it did not take long to decide that they just want everyone to love fitness as much as they do. “We love music, and we play music in all our group fitness classes -- everybody knows Austin is known as The Live Music Capitol of the World”, says co-founder Kathy Redden, “but we also want Austin to be known as the Fitness Capitol of the World! The fitness community here is alive and it is growing larger every day. Getting people fit is the just right thing to do”.

Using a work hard, play hard attitude, the Tetra team believes there is a connection that occurs between the fitness instructor and the class participants that is difficult to describe. This starts by encouraging its instructors to be creative. Most large gyms have become corporate bureaucracies that stifle creativity, making it extremely difficult for instructors to be creative. The team at Tetra Fitness believes choosing who you work out with is as personal as choosing a doctor, and your fitness instructor can have a significant on your health. Staying fit and eating healthy is going to prevent a visit to the doctor’s office, and many people spend a significant amount of time choosing their doctor but spend little to no time choosing their fitness instructor or trainer. “We get excited when doctors and nurses choose to work out with us because we know that leading by example is a way for health professionals to set an example for their patients. No one wants to visit a doctor who does not ‘walk the talk’ in terms of diet and exercise. That is like going to a hairdresser who does not comb their hair”, says Co-founder Kathy Redden.

People who attend group fitness classes want to see results and Tetra Fitness believes it is possible to see results on a “daily” basis. In a typical spin class, an individual will burn up to 600-700 calories. That is what Tetra calls your “daily result”. Combine that with core work or a 2-3 mile run and it is possible to burn over 1000 calories before you go to work! However, the real benefits come by working out over a 6-8 week period, exercising at least 3 times per week, and achieving improvements in overall cardiovascular fitness levels. So Tetra encourages individuals to make a commitment to working out several times per week for at least 6 weeks, attending classes with a friend and making friends in class that will help motivate you to ‘stick it out’ and show up! Using a pay per class model, individuals can pay as they go and take classes such as Indoor Cycling, Sweaty Weights, Primal Pilates, BAREfoot Burn, and intense core classes where an instructor is going to help motivate them to work at levels that will make them feel great (when it’s over)!

Tetra Fitness opened August 13th and will be having a grand opening “Fitness party” August 25th with free classes from 7:00 AM (starting with a run) through 1:00PM.

For more information on how to make Austin the Fitness Capitol contact info(at)tetrafitness(dot)com. Website address http://www.tetrafitness.com. Tetra Fitness is a group fitness studio that opened August 13th at 6th and Mopac, next to Third Base.

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