Coca-Cola Takes Gold Over Visa and McDonald’s In Battle of Olympics Sponsors Social Media Efforts

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Social media benchmarking firm Unmetric medals the 2012 London Olympic sponsors winning on social media

For over 100 years now, sponsors have shaped their Olympic involvement in lockstep with advancing new media. With the rise of social media, the 2012 Olympic sponsors had an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers and understand their interaction and excitement in advance of the London games.

Today Unmetric, the social media benchmarking firm, releases its 2012 Social Challenge report, taking a closer look at the social media activity of the London games’ 2012 Olympic sponsors. With this report, the Olympic sponsors set out to compete in a series of events to test their skills across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to identify who’s used their stakes in the games best to gain new fans and carry on conversations via social media.

Underlying the report is the Unmetric Score, a measurement unique to Unmetric’s platform, designed to give sector-wide context to social media activity. The Unmetric Olympic Social Challenge report highlights the London sponsors’ successes in specific metrics, while the combined Unmetric score represents those brands doing best across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The score is a scientific blend of 24 qualitative and quantitative social media metrics, weighted and balanced to produce a single benchmarkable number.

Coca-Cola takes the gold as the top sponsor overall with a combined Unmetric score of 192, while McDonald’s takes silver with a 173, and Visa takes bronze with a score of 141. Contributing to Coca-Cola’s victory is its cross-platform Move to the Beat campaign, which allows fans to make their own custom Olympic-themed music videos and post them to their favorite social media.

While Coke’s efforts and the support of its 43 million Facebook fans won the overall gold, a closer look the numbers reveals a host of metrics that Coke falls short on compared to its competitors, who collected their fair share of medals as well.

Below is a summary of some of the report’s notable findings:

  •     In the Archery competition for Facebook engagement, Omega’s campaign surrounding its limited edition Olympic watches decimates the competition with an overall engagement score of 80.
  •     When it comes to fastest reply time on Twitter, McDonald’s took the gold in the Hammer Throw, replying to tweets in an average 10 minutes. In last place was Panasonic, taking nearly two days to reply.
  •     Visa and its Go World campaign earned the gold medals for average overall growth on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s the complete scorecard:

Marathon (Total number of fans / followers / subscribers)

Gold: Coca-Cola – 43.5M
Silver: McDonald’s – 20.7M
Bronze: Visa – 1.2M         

Gold: Coca-Cola – 567,016
Silver: McDonald’s – 516,999
Bronze: GE – 74,705

Gold: Coca-Cola – 69,344
Silver: Panasonic – 4,895
Bronze: P&G – 3,872

100M Sprint (Total number of new fans / followers / subscribers)

Gold: Coca-Cola – 1,228,799
Silver: McDonald’s – 698,328
Bronze: Visa – 548,565         

Gold: McDonald’s – 43,875
Silver: Coca-Cola – 18,355
Bronze: P&G – 6,369

Gold: Coca-Cola – 3,932
Silver: P&G – 1,124
Bronze: Acer – 192

High Jump (Average percentage growth)

Combined average on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Gold: Visa – 83.5%
Silver: P&G – 26.2%
Bronze: GE – 24.1%

Shooting (Total number of new posts and tweets)

Combined Facebook and Twitter
Gold: Cocal-Cola – 10,929
Silver: P&G – 1,450
Bronze: Samsung – 535    

Archery (Best engagement, calculated by total number of Likes, Shares and Comments)

Gold: Omega – 80
Silver: McDonald's – 63
Bronze: GE – 55    

Hammer Throw (Average reply time to tweets)

Gold: McDonald's – 10 minutes
Silver: Dow – 18 minutes
Bronze: Coca Cola – 43 minutes

Pentathlon (Combined Unmetric Scores on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, out of a possible 300)

Gold: Coca Cola – 192
    Facebook – 60
    Twitter – 74
    YouTube – 58

Silver: McDonald's – 173
    Facebook – 59
    Twitter – 65
    YouTube – 49

Bronze: Visa – 141
    Facebook – 65
    Twitter – 30
    YouTube – 46

“The Olympics represent the grandest stage in all of sports, bringing together the greatest athletes from around the world. This grandness and competition is mirrored by the brands sponsoring the event in their efforts on social media,” says Unmetric CEO, Lux Narayan. “Within this competitive landscape, brands are doing their best to become the business equivalent of Michael Phelps. This report looks deep inside their efforts to decipher who’s actually winning on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

Using a combination of advanced algorithms and human computing power, Unmetric delivers data and benchmark insights for various industry sectors that were previously unavailable, such as content strategy, engagement, growth, timing and frequency of tweets and posts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Unmetric supplies a distinct, high-demand service for brands that stops companies from flying blind with their social media efforts, and brands are finally able to answer the basic business question of “How do we stack up against the competition?” when it comes to their social media presence.


Unmetric compiled its report by sourcing data from its social media benchmark platform. All statistics were distilled from data over the past month, from January 1 – May 31, 2012.

About Unmetric:

Unmetric Inc. is headquartered in Chicago and works with clients across the world. The Unmetric platform was established to give Fortune 500 companies and other large global brands key performance data around which they could benchmark their social media efforts and answer the question “Are we doing well?”.

For more information, visit, or check out the Unmetric blog at

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