French Fry Heaven, the Most Creative of America’s Restaurant Franchises, Receives Impressive 3,000,000 Dollar Investment

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Restaurant franchises took a delicious turn when Scott Nelowet introduced French Fry Heaven to the world. Overcoming the doubts of those who said it couldn’t be done, and a rough economy, French Fry Heaven is thriving as a restaurant with only French fries and various French fry toppings on the menu. Frank Barker, retired corporate vice president and company group chairman of Johnson & Johnson, recently invested $3,000,000 dollars in French Fry Heaven.

The mission of French Fry Heaven is to serve the best fries on earth, be everywhere people are hungry, leave you with a smile on your face and make a significant positive impact on the world.

This is a story of an entrepreneurial miracle of a most unusual company gaining $3,000,000 in funding at a time when investment dollars for restaurant franchises have dried up like a parched lake bed. It’s the story of French Fry Heaven and its extraordinary founder, Scott Nelowet, who have done something almost unthinkable and wowed the investment world with the most low-tech idea out there.

The idea for French Fry Heaven originated in the heart of Scandinavian country where Nelowet vacationed with his family in 2010. He discovered that they had an absolute obsession with the simple pomme frite. It seemed that every store, stand, nook and cranny there featured this tasty treat. In fact, in many of these parts of Europe there are more chips-only stands per capita then there are McDonalds in the entire US.

Returning to the states, he gathered a small group of friends and got the seed money to start one of the craziest ideas any of them had ever heard of; a store that sold nothing but French fries. His vision was to go well beyond the European model of topping them with mayo, ketchup and vinegar, but to instead have the most popular fry toppings from around the world. French Fry Heaven was born!

To further distinguish himself and French Fry Heaven from other restaurant franchises, Nelowet adapted his recipes and ingredients to be as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible. The gluten free French fries are made with mostly 0 Trans fat oil and toppings. The business was an immediate success.

“Taking chances is key in the early stages of any concept. Imagine walking into a board room and telling them you are leaving a president’s job so that you can sell French fries. Nothing comes from staying safe, other than mediocrity,” Nelowet commented.

People wanting restaurant franchises of their own quickly expressed interest, but none stronger than the Rumrell family from St. Augustine. A father/son combination of a world renowned attorney and a top government lobbyist fell head over heels in love with the idea of French Fry Heaven. "Having both the opportunity to grow, and to make people smile, is the reason why I'm excited about French Fry Heaven,” said Rumrell junior. They successfully launched the second location of French Fry Heaven on the famous St. George Street and it has been even more successful than the first.

Amazingly, French Fry Heaven has just grown from there. Investors have lined up to be a part of the restaurant franchises and it has been conceived as professionally unprofessional and delicious by reviewers. At the end of the day, a single investor, Frank Barker, put $3,000,000 towards French Fry Heaven and left the original team completely in charge of all operations.

Frank H. Barker is the retired corporate vice president and company group chairman of Johnson & Johnson. Further, he is a board member of Aradigm, Jenex and chairman of the board of trustees of Rollins College. When asked about the motivation for his investment Mr. Barker said, "French Fry Heaven has unique consumer appeal, aggressive leadership and it's a damn good idea. My wife first become convinced when she walked by and talked to some costumers who were happily eating their fries. By the time I visited French Fry Heaven myself, my family was already convinced that it was a great idea."

Undoubtedly, in this economy, creating a successful business and achieving funding of this level is a remarkable achievement. So what is Mr. Nelowet’s business advice for those looking into the business of restaurant franchises? “Everything is marketing. People are dying to be part of a huge idea. It’s your responsibility to sell them the notion that your idea is that one grand, big, audacious, incredible idea that is destined for greatness!”


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