Manufacturer of Anti Aging Cream Likewise Skincare Responds to an Article Which Discusses the Importance of Sun Protection

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A representative for Likewise Skincare offers her response to an article published on written by Dr. Tony Brayer which discusses the long-term effects of sun damage.

August 20th, Likewise Skincare, producer of anti aging cream, reacts to an article published on concerning the various effects from sun damage that can plague people as they get older if they do not consider proper UV protection.

In the article, Dr. Tony Brayer, chief medical officer for Sutter Health West Bay, explains the harmful and aging effects of dangerous UV ray exposure to skin. According to Dr. Brayer, increased sun exposure may cause age spots, medically known as solar lentigo. Dr. Brayer explains that the damage causes pigmentation in the top layer of skin and may cause skin cancer. In addition, the article discusses solar keratosis, coarse lesions that could lead to cancer, and senile purpura, which are purple bruise-like patches that occur when small capillaries beneath the skin leak out. Dr. Brayer states that senile purpura is an effect of sun damaged skin and explains, “As we age the subcutaneous fat lessens and the skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Tiny blood vessels are more fragile too and blood can leak and form these bruises. There are no health consequences and they are strictly a cosmetic problem.”

According to the article, Dr. Brayer recommends that people take preventative procedures to protect their skin and attempt to avoid such damage. In the article she recommends people use SPF, and shield their skin using hats and protective clothes.

Likewise Skincare, a manufacturer of anti aging cream, dedicates its products to protect users from the damaging effects of UV rays. Lisa Shariat, a representative for Likewise Skincare, says, “Although people are fortunately becoming more aware of the dangers of sun damage, many people do not comprehend the severity of what can occur with increased sun exposure. While superficial damage like wrinkles can occur, people must understand that by not protecting their skin they are putting themselves at risk for skin cancer. Dr. Brayer’s advice makes it increasingly clear how important sun protection is.”

In addition to recommending sunscreen and protective clothing, Dr. Brayer advises that people can keep their skin healthy by keeping a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and proper water intake, staying away from cigarettes, and using a moisturizing cream.

Likewise Skincare was founded by board certified dermatologist and President of Likewise, Inc., Dr. Julie Pena. Likewise daily moisturizers are all-in-one but not one-fits-all. Each moisturizer is formulated with skin-balancing toners to work with your specific skin type. The moisturizers use a combination of anti-aging antioxidants, ultra-protective zinc oxide, and water-resistant ingredients to keep you protected.

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