Flight School Now Offers A Quicker, Surer Path to Jobs for Pilots

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The career path to a great job as a pilot is competitive, and can be long and expensive. Global Flight Training has developed and has been recently approved by the FAA to deliver a new, cost-effective option to obtain a type rating, log valuable turbine time, and get assistance with a more powerful resume!

The career path to a great job as a pilot is competitive, and can be long and expensive.
An aspiring pilot must work through private to commercial pilot certificates, then obtain instrument and multiengine ratings, and then usually must obtain a type rating in the specific aircraft for the job. Even then, employers look for an applicant’s experience, or “logged time in type.”

This process can take a lot of time and money.

An innovative flight school in Columbus, Ohio has worked with the FAA to create a better option for aspiring pilots of the popular Cessna Citation line of business jets.

Most advanced flight training takes place in a simulator, or “sim.” Many new type-rated pilots have never been in the cockpit of the aircraft they are now legal to fly.

The program is unique in that training takes place in the cockpit of Citation aircraft, as opposed to a simulator. Global Flight Training in Ohio is a well qualified flight school currently approved to offer this program.

The Citation Second in Command (SIC) Program

The FAR 61.55d, FAA-approved program is two to five days long, and requires pilots to have a private, instrument and multi engine rating. The SIC rating allows the pilot to overcome the large hurdle of building time in a jet but also satisfy the insurance requirements by not flying as Pilot in Command. This allows the pilot to build time to qualify for the PIC type rating and to satisfy the insurance requirements to act as PIC. Also the SIC rating is required to on a pilots certificate if the pilot intends to fly internationally.

For a fee of $2,900, the course includes the following:

  •     Jet transition training
  •     Ground school & switchology
  •     Crew resource management training
  •     Training in Cessna Citation aircraft (not in simulators!)
  •     A type rating with differential training that is good for seven different models of the Cessna Citation
  •     Resume and portfolio assistance
  •     Letters of recommendation and placement assistance

GFT staff will even accompany graduates to the local FAA FSDO office to submit their paperwork and ensure there are no procedural issues to get the SIC C500 type rating on their pilot certificate.

Graduates enter the job market armed with a type rating in a very popular aircraft and experience that comes with logged flight time in the aircraft. Pilots who invest in a type rating in aircraft that are in very common usage will have more job opportunities than those who choose less popular aircraft.

Cessna has delivered more than 6,000 Citations, making it the largest fleet of business jets in the world.
(Source - http://www.cessna.com/NewReleases/New/NewReleaseNum-1192304764619.html)

Pilot and SIC Program Director Eric Howlett illustrates that there are many opportunities for Cessna pilots.

“I was working at the airport when a trip popped up to South Carolina and back. The designated pilot turned to me and said ‘You’re SIC rated, do you want to go?’    I went on the flight and logged 1.9 hours as Second in Command on a Citation. I’m going to hang around the airport more often!”

About Global Flight Training

Global Flight Training Inc. is a leader in aircraft flight training, aircraft standardization, and crew resource management. Specializing in Cessna Citation aircraft, they have FAA approved courses for initial and recurrent training. They tailor training to the clients’ needs and desires. Training can be delivered in their training facility or at the client’s location.

With clients encompassing the globe, GFT has a flawless safety record. They use an International Standardized Training Method that teaches pilots to fly safely anywhere in the world. “We fly one way, all the time,” says founder, Mike Riley. “We are always flying to the highest standard of safety and professionalism, and this is what we will impart to you and your flight crew.

Global Flight Training can be found on the web at

Corporate Site - http://www.GlobalFlightTraining.com
SIC Program Site - http://www.GFTJetTraining.com
LinkedIn – as Global Flight Training http://www.linkedin.com/company/2667997
Twitter – as GFTJetTraining http://twitter.com/GFTJetTraining
Facebook – as GFTJetTraining https://www.facebook.com/GftJetTraining

About the Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation is a marketing name used by United States aircraft manufacturer Cessna for its line of business jets. Rather than one particular model of aircraft, the name applies to several "families" of turbofan-powered aircraft that have been produced over the years. Within each of the six distinct families, aircraft design improvements, market pressures and re-branding efforts have resulted in a number of variants, so that the Citation lineage has become quite complex. Military variants include the T-47 and UC-35 series aircraft.

Models include

  •     Citation I / I/SP
  •     Citation II/SII/Bravo
  •     Citation III-VI-VII
  •     Cessna Citation V/Ultra/Encore
  •     Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+
  •     CitationJet/CJ series
  •     Citation Mustang
  •     Citation X
  •     Citation Sovereign
  •     Citation Columbus

(Source- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_Citation)

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