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New fitness blog focuses on how to get both ripped and jacked

Learn how to get ripped at one of the internet's newest fitness blogs: RippedandJacked.com

The vision of the new blog is to provide valuable information to those who want to learn both how to build muscle and have a great muscular definition; thus being ripped, yet also not get too bulky, but still have a good amount of bulk, and thus be jacked.

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts focus on building bulk, but when this gets taken too far the muscles can become so large that it's not very attractive. This is what happens to many professional bodybuilders after spending many years in the gym building muscle. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this but most people who work on building muscle mass do not want to take it to that extent. They want to be big and strong, but they want to look very good too. That's the main goal of RippedandJacked.com; to strike a good balance between muscle bulk and muscle definition.

In a recent interview, the owner of the blog Mr. Kevin Attebery stated: “Being physically fit, especially being completely ripped and jacked, as you can imagine, gives you a boatload of confidence and feeling of self worth. Most of it is psychological, but there are actually some physical aspects to it. Your body releases endorphins and other chemicals when you workout, giving you that kind of euphoric feeling that you have afterward. It is more commonly recognized as a “runner’s high” but these effects occur when simply lifting weights too. I hope that my blog helps give people confidence to achieve their physical goals.”

Mr. Attebery has been a workout enthusiast his entire life and encourages everyone to take the initiative and to work out every day. Mr. Attebery also stated: “The one basic rule to follow in your bodybuilding workouts is to work out each muscle group every other day.” Mr. Attebery plans to continue to update his blog frequently to inspire as many people as possible to get ripped and jacked.

For more information please visit http://www.rippedandjacked.com

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