Boothe Eye Care: Early Diagnosis of Disease Possible Through Eye Health Observation

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Many health officials are recognizing a rising importance of ophthalmology care, as many practitioners can diagnose certain diseases through eye health prior to other symptoms. Boothe Eye Care expands on the new role of the ophthalmologist.

While many believe that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, many ophthalmologists are raising awareness that the eyes can also highlight potential problems of one’s health. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal discusses what the eyes can reveal; before other symptoms become present, many ophthalmologists are able to detect the possibility of diabetes, brain tumors and dementia based on the conditions of a patient’s eye. As the nation’s most experienced LASIK surgeon, Dr. William Boothe of Boothe Eye Care expands on the impact that an ophthalmologist can make on an individual’s health.

According to the report, the eye is the only organ that doctors are able to look into in order to directly observe blood vessels, tissues and nerves. Through this kind of examination, ophthalmologists can notice small differences that may predict the possibility of a severe medical complication. For instance, those who form diabetic retinopathy may not yet be aware if they have diabetes. Upon visiting an ophthalmologist, these patients are able to discover that they should be checked for the condition by another medical professional.

Boothe Eye Care responds to this new focus in a recent press statement, “At Boothe Eye Care, we are committed to providing patients with the best care possible. While many patients come to Dr. William Boothe to assess and correct vision impairment, scheduling regular check-ups can provide individuals with further peace of mind that their health is on track, or that they have a need to further medical care.”

As cited by Wall Street Journal, in rare cases, eye problems can detect the presence of a brain tumor—a condition that is often left undetected to the point where a resolution may not be possible. The report explains that an individual that expresses concerns of losing ability to see in a specific area of the eye, i.e. the right side of both eyes, may suggest that a mass is pressing against a part of the brain that impacts vision. Dr. William Boothe concludes, “While many of the conditions addressed in this report have not yet found a cure, recognizing the role of the ophthalmologist to diagnose seemingly unrelated diseases is important to the improvement of overall health care. As more patients become aware of the early detection made possible by routine eye check-ups, it is my hope that more diseases can be treated or prevented before they become a severe problem.”


Boothe Eye Care, an ophthalmologic practice, is led by Dr. William Boothe. The office provides both general eye care and specialized treatment that caters to the needs of patients who suffer from conditions of the cornea. In fact, Boothe Eye Care regularly conducts LASIK procedures and Dr. Boothe has personally performed over 130,000 of these operations. An important part of the healthcare community of Plano, Texas, Boothe Eye Care is highly regarded due to its knowledgeable and friendly staff and uncompromising degree of customer service.

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