Garage Flooring & Storage Now Provides Affordable Solutions to Homeowners Who Can't Buy a Bigger Home

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With the sharp decrease in home values over the last several years, home owners are upside down on their current mortgage and cannot afford to upgrade their home to accommodate their growing family. An increasing number of homeowners are turning to garage flooring and storage products which it possible to convert the garage to useable space without having to refinance their home.

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Many home owners are upside down on their current mortgage and cannot afford to upgrade their home to accommodate their growing family.

Many first time home buyers buy a smaller home than what they will need when they start a family. Real Estate has always been a good investment and until recently it was relatively easy to sell a home and purchase a new one. Now many homeowners are locked in a home that is smaller than what they need. With kids sharing bedrooms and boxes in storage, homeowners are increasingly looking to garage flooring and garage storage as an affordable way to increase their living space.

According to the US Census, in 2010 the average US home was 2169 square feet. With many garages weighing in at 400-500 square feet, garages are often the largest room in the house -- and some believe the most underutilized. In many newer homes the garage is already heated, has windows, and sufficient artificial light. In older homes the first step to a garage remodel may be controlling the climate inside the garage.

Start with the local building department. Many have found that in order to install floor coverings such as carpet or other products not designed for inside the garage, homeowners would have to completely change how the area is categorized. Flooring material must meet the International Residential Code R 309 for Garages and Carports for one, and two, family residential buildings or the International Building Code 406.2 for all other buildings -- check with a local building code and contractor for more information.

New garage flooring products available meet the residential building code for flooring in the garage. Roll out PVC garage flooring, garage floor tiles, self stick tiles, PVC tiles and even some garage coatings are very suitable for garage application. "The most important consideration in choosing the flooring is determining how the room will be used most of the time. The most popular patterns for living spaces are our Coin and Levant patterns, but there are a lot of things to consider" states Justin Krauss, President of Garage Flooring LLC.

According to information available on, homeowners should expect to pay between $1.54 and $4.00 per square foot for a DIY flooring product for the garage. According to Krauss, most homeowners end up spending about $3 per square foot for a commercial grade roll out PVC product that can easily be installed by almost any homeowner.

The next step is to organize the items that will stay in the garage. Industry experts do not recommend storing hazardous items such as gasoline and paints in the garage if it is going to be used for living space. So the first step is to find a suitable place to store such items.

Overhead storage is a great way to store the items homeowners need access to on an occasional basis. Many garages can easily accommodate two overhead storage racks. So, for under $100 homeowners can add a considerable amount of storage space --without consuming valuable floor space.

PVC slat wall products provide homeowners' with the ability to easily store items on the wall and to be able to modify the layout of the storage hooks and cabinets easily. A two car garage, on average, needs 32 Sq. Ft to 64 Sq. Ft of wall storage.

Garage storage cabinets are a necessary component to any garage remodel. Often, if a homeowner is in the middle of a major remodel, old kitchen cabinets can be reused at minimal expense. If not, companies like Garage Flooring LLC offer everything from ready to assemble garage storage cabinets to powder coated and stainless steel garage storage cabinets.

A lot of other accessories are also available. If a homeowner has snow tires, for example, there are tire storage racks. "Consulting with a garage flooring and storage professional, before making a purchase will likely decrease the homeowner's overall cost and increase the homeowner's satisfaction" added Krauss.

Finally, homeowners should paint the walls and ceiling and add a little extra lighting if necessary. Krauss recommends inexpensive fluorescent fixtures such as those available from a local lighting store. Krauss also suggests a thorough wall temperature control system for maximum efficiency and performance at minimal expense.

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