Plastic Surgeon Performs Extreme Plastic Surgery on His Own Face to Answer the Question 'Has Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?'

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Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon Rian A. Maercks M.D. has committed the fatal sin of frowned upon dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other practitioners everywhere! Every major city is filled with bizarre appearing faces of self injectors that seem like they just walked out of a horror movie. It turns out that this is exactly why Dr. Maercks created this mini-documentary. The doctor wishes to show the world that these practitioners didn't just go overboard or do too much, they did it incorrectly. This short film leaves the viewer shocked and almost speechless as this renegade of aesthetics shows us that even with extreme excess of volume beauty can be created. As the doctor says "there is no such thing as too much plastic surgery causing a bad result, a little or a lot of bad is still bad and a little of a lot of good is still good." On watching this short but rich video again the visceral shock fades, Dr. Maercks' intended meaning shines through!

A patient can look overdone with one syringe or natural with thirty-five, it is all technique judgement and aesthetic vision

In a video unlike any predecessor, Dr. Rian A. Maercks is presented not only as the prestigious Miami Beach plastic surgeon, but as a patient, a human going through the entire experience of being treated. Courageously, the doctor "bares all" as he talks to the camera from a patient's perspective looking at his reflection and injecting his own face for the first time. The viewer is captivated by the shock of seeing Dr. Maercks calmly placing needles in his own face. Intensity rises as you realize that thirty five syringes of filler are being placed, about seventeen times the volume of mainstream treatments. Once pulled in, the viewer quickly realizes the motivations. This is a movie made by a believer that yearns to share. Dr. Maercks wants us to realize there is still art and beauty to be found in the world of plastic surgery. The love, dedication and pride that this surgeon has for his field is impossible to ignore, a glimpse shines through even in this short video. The unique and shocking movie’s motivations were many, but at the forefront was patient education. “It is so difficult for people to understand what a good aesthetic intervention might be for them when they are bombarded by propaganda from practitioners and companies alike. I have to undo a lot of erroneous propagated beliefs before the meaningful consultation can even begin” Dr. Maercks explains. Dr. Maercks hopes that viewing this mini- documentary before consulting with him or receiving treatments will ease anxiety and facilitate the doctor patient relationship.

From the outsiders experience this movie resembles much more. It is not only an amazing spectacle seeing the plastic surgeon as patient but it is an awakening to the idea that there is much more to be offered then mass marketed products, there truly is an art of plastic surgery.

Dr. Maercks injects thirty-five syringes of Juvederm into his own face surprisingly not because he wants to convince patients to partake in this intervention but to show us that truly overdone doesn’t have to look overdone. He explains that “a patient can look overdone with one syringe or natural with thirty-five, it is all technique judgement and aesthetic vision.” In this newly released video, the viewer is captured, shocked and truly compelled. Dr. Maercks explains "I want people to know that the horrible results we see all over the media and everyday life are not the result of too much. Aesthetic interventions done thoughtlessly without planning, skill and careful consideration appear strange and 'overdone' while those performed by a skilled, well trained, aesthetically atune and thoughtful plastic surgeon appear natural no matter how much or how little is done."

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