Kids Bedding Manufacturer Argington Comments on One Community’s Move towards Organic Turf

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As one New Jersey town appeals for a safer turf for their children’s playing fields, Argington, a manufacturer of organic kids bedding, weighs in on the potential switch.

On August 27th, 2012, kids bedding manufacturer Argington commented on the recent appeal by parents and children alike in Verona, New Jersey to get all-organic turf for their playing fields to replace their current turf that is cared for with pesticides.

As reported by the Verona-Cedar Grove Patch, parents were urging their town council to switch from pesticide lawn care to organic lawn care for nearby Veteran’s Field, where baseball and softball are played. The Patch article stated that, “a representative addressing the council about the Safe Playing Field Act and said organic turf care is completely safe to children and leads to healthier, thicker grass, which grows deep roots and, as a result, is more resilient to heavy use and less prone to insect problems.” The Patch also reported that “towns and boards of education all over the country are switching to safer organic lawn care and the price has dropped dramatically, allowing more cost-effective options than ever.”

Argington representative Clay Darrohn weighed in, saying, “It’s great that the citizens are taking the initiative to approach their town about the dangers of pesticide care. Pesticides have long been associated with a litany of potential issues. To use potentially toxic chemicals on a baseball field where children still in their delicate developmental stages play is dangerous. At Argington, we understand the importance and benefit of organic items, which is why we have kids bedding that is 100% organic.”

The citizens of Verona are up in arms about the use of pesticides in their community. The list of reasons against pesticide care was long, but chief among them was that “pesticides have been linked to juvenile health issues, including headaches and nausea in mild cases, or asthma, brain damage and even developmental defects in extreme cases.” With dropping costs of organic care and all the risks involved with pesticides, as The Patch says, it is easy to see why the Verona case is merely one example of the continued move towards an overall growing organic movement.

Argington is a New York based manufacturer of fine baby furniture and nursery bedding. Proudly offering sustainable products that are organic or eco-friendly, Argington’s products are also designed with mobility and multiple uses in mind to make parents’ lives easier.

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