Elect A New Congress: The Super Pac of All Americans Reveals the Original Constitutional Intent of America’s Founding Fathers.

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Elect A New Congress, Super Pac for all Americans through founder, Wm W. Fawell, announced today the results of an extensive study on the original constitutional intentions of America's Founding Fathers, and the Framers of the United States Constitution.

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“This is the formula of America’s Founders to attain Liberty. People know the problem, they’re just trying to understand the solution. America has been without Liberty for so long, we’ve forgotten how it feels.”

(Galena, IL, August 22, 2012)- The final report on the original intentions of America's Founding Fathers was released today, by Wm W. Fawell, of Elect A New Congress, defining the purpose and roll of the U.S. Constitution as a political instrument to attain Liberty.
“You hear people say all the time that if America could only return to the original intentions of our Founding Fathers, we’d be all right,” explained Wm W. Fawell, founder of http://www.electanewcongress.com, “They’re absolutely right, but when you ask them what is required to get to that place, they never have a clear answer.”
The answer to wit:
Congress must take back all their powers and operate them in the Public Forum, and by doing so, create the transparency necessary to provide for the Consent of the Governed, that just and happy state where the people rule over their government, and so defines Liberty.
“This is the formula of America’s Founders to attain Liberty. People know the problem,” Fawell clarified, “they’re just trying to understand the solution. America has been without Liberty for so long, we’ve forgotten how it feels.”
The proper execution of the Constitution defines Liberty. As its working mechanism, the Founding Fathers gave the machinery of running the government of America to the Congress, powers like making money and war, raising tariff’s, governing commerce and more, all listed in Article I, sec 8 and 9 of the U.S. Constitution, the execution of all which must be performed within the Public Forum.
The political science behind the Public Forum is the theory of Transparency. With transparency, the people are given the means to accurately judge who should represent them in Congress. Transparency is necessary then for a people to be able to justify their government through the “Consent of the Governed” specified in The Declaration of Independence, for without the transparency built into the proper operation of the Constitution, judgment is denied and there can be no consent.
Most of the powers of Congress have been handed out to private corporations like the Federal Reserve Bank and the executive branch. Transparency has been stolen, because transparency can only be rendered in the Public Forum.
"Think of the Public Forum as a baseball field," suggests Fawell, "and on that field, the game of baseball, or in America’s case, the game of legislation must be played. However, in America, no one takes the field because nearly all of the powers of Congress have been outsourced in violation of the Constitution. America watches a game with no players taking the field and Americans have no real idea who is the hero and who is the goat. American’s don’t even know the score of the game much less who is actually in the line-up."
There is no transparency because the mechanism of government has been sold to the highest bidder and is now manipulated behind closed doors.
“Today, in the parlance of George Washington’s time, these powers have been privatized and are now in the hands of “unprincipled men”, who operate these powers for their personal gain, and that, “this is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed,” Fawell explained, paraphrasing Washington.
“Is it any wonder that Congress no longer reflects the will of the American people but continues to be re-elected term after term despite approval ratings barely over 10%,” Fawell asked? “There is no transparency by which the people may judge our representatives, and therefore there is no Consent of the Governed.
Today, the people no longer rule, but instead are ruled, most often by lobbyists and their appointments to key government posts. Our birthright of Liberty provided to us by our Founding Fathers has been stolen.”
“To share this simple knowledge is the purpose of Elect A New Congress, and our mission is to apply the solution. This requires all the constitutional powers of Congress be returned to Congress and the Public Forum, Transparency, and our Consent.”
    Elect A New Congress seeks to empower all 162,000,000 registered American voters to act as one and Elect A New Congress dedicated to Liberty and the restoration of America. You can help, think square and be there. http://www.electanewcongress.com
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Wm W. Fawell is the author of “New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government”, and founder of America’s Super Pac, Elect A New Congress, and writes the blog at electanewcongress.com

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