Telecoms World Announces Bournemouth Area Code Change

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Leading UK supplier of non-geographic 08 and 03 numbers, Telecoms World, has announced significant new changes to the way some local area codes will be handled in future.

Leading UK supplier of non-geographic 08 and 03 numbers, Telecoms World, has announced significant new changes to the way some local area codes will be handled in future.

Local dialling is set to take a little longer when Ofcom abolishes local calls in some areas of the UK. A number of smaller areas of the country have number allocations that are running out calling for a review of the dialling codes in these regions.

Telecoms World, the UK’s leading suppliers of non-geographic 08 and 03 numbers, has announced that residents and businesses in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch are the first to be affected and will soon have to use the 01202 area code to make a local call.

The changes affecting Bournemouth come into effect on 1 November 2012 and have been designed to protect the supply of landline numbers in the area in the future. This will prevent the need to change existing phone numbers in the region.

What the Changes Mean to Consumers and Businesses

The release of new landline numbers also means that consumers and businesses can continue to benefit from having a wide range of telecoms providers at their disposal. The introduction of the new dialling code will not affect call charges, they will remain the same.

The region that uses the 01202 dialling code is one of the only areas in the UK where telephone numbers are in limited supply. Bournemouth will be the first region to use the new area code with other areas expected to follow suit in the next few years.

Ofcom is currently working closely with local authorities, telecoms providers, business groups and local consumers in the Bournemouth area to ensure the changes are received well and that they have as little negative impact as possible.

How the Changes Will Work

At present, it is not necessary to use the area code when making a local call. However, this means that Ofcom is prevented from releasing local numbers beginning with a 0 or 1, for example 01202 078 345 or 01273 118 905. If a resident dials a number such as 078 245, the network will think they are dialling a mobile number beginning with 078 rather than a local Bournemouth number. The same applies to a number such as 118 764 – the network will think you are trying to call a directory enquiries number.

By using the new 01202 dialling code, Ofcom can increase the numbers they have available without causing any confusion. The increase will allow the following number ranges to be used - 01202 07XXXX, 01202 118XXX, 01202 121XXX and 01202 999XXX.

Why Are The Changes Being Made Now?

At present, Ofcom allocates 01 and 02 numbers to over 300 telecoms providers in the UK. The numbers are then allocated to consumers, businesses and other customers as necessary.

Over the last decade, the number of telecoms providers has increased dramatically leading to more pressure on Ofcom to provide them with the numbers they require. Many of these numbers are allocated but not used.

Ofcom has been looking into a number of methods of tackling this problem, one of which is the introduction of the new dialling codes in Bournemouth. Whilst this may cause some confusion for residents to begin with, the long-term benefits are obvious and will not require any major changes to numbers.

Ofcom is also looking to introduce these measures to other areas by 2016. These areas include Brighton and Hove (01273) and Middlesbrough (01642).

Those affected by the changes can contact Telecoms World to find out more and to secure more numbers as required.

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