Reputation Changer: Scam Accusations Demand Urgent Reputation Management Efforts

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A recent article in Business Insider discusses ways in which companies can defend themselves from bad reviews or online defamation—prompting the attention of industry-leading company Reputation Changer.

In this day and age, no business can afford to ignore the influential and pervasive presence of online review sites. Neither can they ignore the various services and techniques that exist for helping companies manage or suppress their online reviews; as a recent Business Insider article claims, there are “at least a dozen” review management methods for every online review site. As more and more companies seek to take control of their online reviews, however, they are discovering that some techniques are better than others. For industry-leading reputation defense firm Reputation Changer, scam allegations and negative reviews demand an urgent and multi-faceted defense. Reputation Changer has responded to the Business Insider article with its own, battle-tested tips for online reputation defense.

According Cliff Stein, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, the Business Insider article is accurate in some of its most basic facts. “It is certainly true that negative reviews are detrimental to businesses, as are defamatory online listings, such as scam allegations,” explains Stein. “It is equally true that, sadly, these reviews and listings cannot simply be removed. What a reputation defense firm must do is try to bury those reviews. We cannot get rid of them altogether, but we can strive to make sure very few consumers ever see them.”

Stein goes on to say that these defamatory listings and bad reviews can wreak havoc on companies of all kinds. “At Reputation Changer, scam accusations and unreasonably bad reviews are seen as immense threats to the client’s success,” he remarks. “With more and more consumers basing their purchasing decisions on Google searches and Yelp reviews, it’s vital for companies to maintain positive online profiles.”

It does not always work out this way, of course. According to Reputation Changer, scam reports and bad reviews can afflict any business, no matter how honorable or respected. These negative listings can come from consumers, but they can also come from competitors. In some cases, Stein says, these defamatory listings are planted by disgruntled employees or ex-employees. The good news, according to Stein, is that the methods for dealing with bad reviews are numerous, and they are often quite effective.

“The first thing suggested in the Business Insider piece is for companies to play an active role in their own online presence, which is certainly good advice,” Stein says. “Engaging with clients and potential clients via social media is a great way to cultivate goodwill for your brand, and to populate the Internet with positive content about your company.”

Stein also affirms the importance of content creation. “Crafting well-written content, that portrays your brand in a positive way, is of the essence,” says Stein. “The goal, of course, is that when someone Googles the name of your business, he or she finds positive, brand-enhancing information—content that portrays your company as desirable and respectable. That obviously requires the creation of this positive, brand-enhancing content.”

The third step on Business Insider’s list is the one that Stein says is most invaluable: Consultation with a professional reputation defense firm, like Reputation Changer. “If your company has been accused of running scams or engaging in otherwise unscrupulous behavior, or if you’ve simply been hit with bad online reviews, then enlisting a professional reputation management service is the best thing you can do,” he affirms.

Reputation Changer has dealt with scam allegations and bad reviews for a number of companies, ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 brands. “What we offer is a chance for companies to take control over their own online image,” says Stein. “We may not be able to remove bad listings altogether, but we will do everything we can to suppress the bad reviews and highlight the positives, presenting the client in the best light possible.”


Known throughout its industry as the world’s #1 online reputation management firm, Reputation Changer offers a wealth of review suppression, brand enhancement, and reputation defense services, aimed at companies and individuals alike. The firm was founded in 2009 by a team of world-class Internet sales and marketing professionals; since that time, the Reputation Changer team has grown to include writers, Web developers, social media experts, and more. Currently led by CEO Cliff Stein, Reputation Changer is zealous for helping small companies, Fortune 500 brands, and individuals take charge of how they are presented online.

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