Perth SEO Firm Oracle Digital Outlines New SEO Paradigm in Controversial Post

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Leading Perth SEO company Oracle Digital defines “New SEO” in blog post and explains why many old SEO shortcuts are no longer effective.

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Old SEO was all about fooling Google. SEO was more a case of giving a soul-less machine enough keywords to make it think that a website was actually serving the person making the search, when in reality, it wasn’t.

In another post that subtly indicts much of the SEO profession, James Corby, Business Development Director for Oracle Digital, contrasts older SEO techniques with what he calls “New SEO” and describes how honest, ethical, modern SEO techniques can still be effective.

Corby’s main focus is that old SEO was predicated on giving search engines what they wanted while ignoring the people who were doing the searches. The post explains that Google’s Panda and Penguin updates from earlier this year are indications that Google has finally figured out how to make its search engine reflect what people using Google actually want.

According to Corby, “Old SEO was all about fooling Google. It was about giving Google what it wanted. At first, Google’s algorithm was easily fooled. SEO was more a case of giving a soul-less machine enough keywords to make it think that a website was actually serving the person making the search, when in reality, it wasn’t.”

Corby continued, “Google has finally gotten it right. They have finally figured out a way to give the human being who is looking for information exactly what he or she wants. Google has put the people factor back into their search engine, and the entire industry is better off for it.”

According to the post, Google has accomplished this by figuring out how to tell whether content is aimed at machines or people. Corby also cites factors such as length of stay on one page or on the website, and how much it is shared through social media. Corby explains what this means to his clients, present or future:

“Basically, there is no more fooling Google. Those who do fool Google may get their sites on page one for a week or two, but those sites eventually get one-way tickets to oblivion. The only way to do SEO now is to do it long-term, with no shortcuts. That means providing epic content with the sole purpose of captivating your audience. It also means correct management of social media and strategic backlinks to show Google that your site is worth putting on the front page.”

The post further added that the Old SEO meant fooling Google. Loopholes made it possible for a person to create a product and use Google to create an audience. Old SEO is now a failed business model, and has been replaced by the New SEO.

Corby went on to define the New SEO: “New SEO is about creating an audience first, and proving to Google that your site can give Google’s customers what they want. Unless you have something go viral, which can sometimes happen with epic content, it takes time to create an audience. You have to use social media and even local directories. But it all starts with content that entertains and captivates your audience.”

Corby finished by describing the essence of both his post and New SEO in one sentence: “If you give the people what they want, you are giving Google what it wants.”

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