Bed Bugs Seen in Sinai Hospital; Bed Bug Bully Recommends Use of Its Non-Toxic Spray for Safe Pest-Control Treatment

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Bed bugs were found in one outpatient treatment room in Sinai Hospital earlier this month. And for a safe way to always keep the pests away, Bed Bug Bully advised authorities to have its non-toxic bed bug spray ready.

The fact that Bed Bug Bully is non-toxic without being ineffective is the basic thing that makes it the best bed bug product choice...

Bed bugs have victimized Sinai Hospital. According to a report from, the pests were discovered in the hospital earlier this month. However, its spokesperson cleared that the problem has already been eradicated. But to always keep the said pests away, advised the hospital authorities, as well all bed bug sufferers, to have its non-toxic bed bug spray ready.

Why Pick a Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray?

According to the said baltimoresun report, the pests were discovered in an outpatient room in the Alvin and Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute. A separate report from specified that the blood-sucking bed bugs were detected on August 8. It was believed that they were brought to the room by a man who had received a treatment.

Springing into action right after bed bugs were discovered, the affected room has already been declared free from the pests. However, Sinai Hospital's spokeswoman Betsy Haley said they will continue to conduct check-ups, shared the report. And that, according to, is the right thing to do as there is a big possibility that the pests will come back.

Sneaky and fast-breeding as they are, BedBugBully said that is likely for bed bugs to show up again in any of its previously infested place for two reasons. It explained that when the treatment was implemented, the pests could have hidden in deep crevices that the solution did not reach. Apart from that, it could also be that they already laid eggs before the treatment was implemented. And so, days or weeks after the first treatment, the pests could show up again, it stated.

Find the Best Help to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

Given that possibility, the website said that it's best for any bed bug sufferer to regularly conduct a bed bug infestation and to always have a bed bug spray ready. With those two steps, it said that the pests can be prevented from bringing in the worst of its effects.

Nonetheless, the site stated that just any bed bug solution won't do. The product, it said, must be safe apart from effective to prevent more problems. And among the many bed bug sprays available today, it said that its Bed Bug Bully is the best that any property owner and pest-control contractor can get.

The fact that Bed Bug Bully is non-toxic without being ineffective is the basic thing that makes it the best bed bug product choice, asserted the website. It said that with it, one can effectively clear the pests hassle-free and with no health worry.

And to prove just how effective it is and that it is the product that everyone should get, decided to give out complimentary samples of the product.

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