San Diego Bakery Spreads Alarming Truth about Supposedly Allergen Free Bakeries

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With their aim to provide an allergen free environment, Jaime Schwartz of Starry Lane Bakery stresses how they offer only baked goodies free of all six top food allergens (peanuts, eggs, gluten, soy, tree nuts and dairy). This is in contrast to the majority of the supposed allergen free bakeries now in existence that do not provide totally allergen free products at all.

This is good news to moms who have highly allergic children and even to other adults who are battling allergies themselves. Most of the common allergic symptoms like asthma, skin itching and difficulty in breathing and swallowing come from baked foods.

“Many companies offer allergen free options but they are usually only free of one or two allergens. Very few places are free of all six of the top food allergens,” Schwartz states.

“I have recently found several bakeries around the country that claim to be free of many food allergens. A couple of them use allergenic materials such as eggs in a few of their recipes, but still they claim of being free of those products,” she adds.

Food establishments like restaurants and bakeries are now showing tremendous amount of care when it comes to letting their patrons know whether their food is allergen free or not. However, not all of them are totally honest with their claims while there are also others who are not even aware of all the ingredients in their foods.

“Even more of them don’t have any of those allergens in their shop, but they use ingredients that are produced by companies that also process allergenic materials. Examples of these are rice milk coming from a factory that also makes almond and soy milk and gluten free flours produced by companies that make nut flours,” Schwartz points out.

She underscores, “These bakeries don’t do proper research or take into account cross contamination both within their facility and within the facilities of their suppliers.”

According to studies, one in 25 Americans is suffering from a food allergy. There are also an estimated 150 deaths caused by food allergies every year with peanuts being the primary cause. These deaths are common among teenagers and adults aged 15 to 35. This has led food establishment owners to be on their toes with regards to offering allergen free food items or products.

While a number of restaurant owners have succeeded in their goal to help in this burgeoning problem related to food allergies, there are others who disregard the issue. There are also those who don’t want to add to their overhead expense by using allergen free products. Many of those that are also using these products choose to go for the cheaper brand which always results in providing low quality food or bakery items.

“Most of the allergen free products on the market are sub-standard. The taste may be there but the texture is way off. They are crumbly when they should be chewy, dry when they should be moist or slimy when they should by crisp,” Schwartz says.

Food allergy is a very serious health concern and should not be taken lightly. Children and adults alike should be made aware of the ramifications this could bring if they are not mindful of what they eat. Because of this, Starry Lane Bakery’s Schwartz is advising everyone to patronize only restaurants or bakeries that are certified of offering completely allergen free products. This is one step into paving the path towards allergen free communities.

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