Power of Social Publishing Allows Anyone to Write a Book

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The proven power of social media now serves the freedom of the public in finding the latest books on diverse subjects by independent authors and in determining their success and popularity too. Paradise Publishers Inc's new Social publishing platform, Foboko.com, allows authors to publish, promote and profit by supporting each other and interacting directly with their readers and fans.

Today, social media gives power to the people. While well-known brands, like Facebook and YouTube, dominate social networking and video sharing, there’s been no standout player in social publishing– until now. Paradise Publishers Inc., the People’s Publisher, recently unveiled a community for authors and readers called Foboko (http://www.Foboko.com). Using this social publishing platform, anyone can write and publish a book, while also allowing the general public to decide what it wants to read.

Martin Wales, President of Paradise Publishers, shared that, “Studies show over 70% of people desire to write a book. Many of us have stories or knowledge that need to be shared. Think of the number of times you’ve heard it said, either directly to you, or about others, in a conversation - You should write a book!”

Any individual can simply post a digital book online. Self-publishing authors can distribute their material via the behemoth online retailer, Amazon, however, there’s no support or social component in their Kindle publishing process. If you’re a newbie, writing and publishing are foreign and even overwhelming. Plus, just because a book’s available doesn’t mean anyone knows it exists. Marketing and promotion are musts in the face of millions of other books also available online.

Digital publishing is a rapid, fast-paced alternative to traditional distribution of the past, which took years to place a book on a shelf and plenty of money to promote it. This older selection process resulted in extreme competition and forced a situation where only a select, few authors were deemed worthy while thousands of talented writers and great content got rejected outright.

Social publishing, however, provides a supportive community, with direct interaction of authors with each other and with their readers too. It’s faster, more affordable to all (even free on Foboko), and, perhaps most important, allows greater access to a wider variety of subjects, content and talent from many more alternative authors. This isn’t a lonely, hermit-like journey as a scribe. Writers may open their drafts and manuscripts to the community for ideas, feedback and constructive criticism while still a work-in-progress, prior to publishing it.

Then, the general public can download, read and review any fiction or non-fiction books from the online library. The popularity and success of authors and their books is determined by the audience and not a small number of editors or elite committees and boardrooms in office towers. Anybody can step up and become a published author today.

Completed books are made available in digital format as ebooks. The proliferation of tablets, ereaders and smartphones has been proven with more ebooks sold online than actual books, along with the rapid decline in sales and profits at brick and mortar stores, like Barnes & Noble. Paradise’s pre-existing, sister site to Foboko, at http://www.Free-eBooks.net, sees an average of over 10,000 ebooks downloaded, every single day.

“Foboko serves independent authors and rising-stars wanting to share their stories without worrying about whether it’s deemed mass-market worthy by traditional, large publishers riding on profits mainly from best sellers,” offers Nicolas Gremion, the CEO of Paradise Publishers. Gremion adds, “Foboko’s Social Publishing platform provides a free service and a faster, powerful opportunity for new or experienced authors to publish, promote and profit while reaching a bigger, global audience.”
Paradise Publishers Inc. is a U.S.-based, global, online publisher. It created the interactive, social publishing site at http://www.Foboko.com to help anybody become an author and easily publish, promote and profit from their own eBooks. It also distributes digital eBooks at no cost via http://www.Free-eBooks.net.


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