Nue Science Expands on Skin Health Benefits of Natural Remedies

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As many Americans use their summer to explore the outdoors, many health professionals encourage nature enthusiasts to stay aware of dangerous plants that cause skin irritation. Nue Science, an anti-aging skin care company, explains how natural remedies can help soothe skin.

Although many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are prone to avoid dangerous vegetation, many still contract skin irritations from hazardous plants such as poison ivy, oak and sumac. While some cannot always avoid contact with these plants, a recent article from FOX News highlights the importance of treating the affected area immediately. If one does not have prescription products on hand, the article notes that individuals can attain relief and healing from treatments that contain natural ingredients. Nue Science uses natural ingredients in its three-step Cell Revival™ anti-aging skin care product line, and explains that these ingredients not only heal damage, but also protect from it.

According to the article, astringent made from witch hazel can provide much-needed relief to those who suffer severe rashes caused by contact with poisonous plants. It states, “Made from the bark of the witch hazel tree, this astringent splash relieves the itch of poison ivy and tightens skin. Wherever you have a rash, apply witch hazel. The cooling, soothing extract will not get rid of the rash, but it will calm it down.” Nue Science uses this same ingredient in its products noting that witch hazel is one of nature’s most effective astringents and hemostatics, which means it helps calm irritated skin, reduce pore size and the appearance of under eye puffiness and swelling.

In a recent press statement, Nue Science comments, “Some skin care products combine multiple natural remedies to create a cream that is an all-natural powerhouse in skin care defense. Nue Science Cell Revival makes use of many of these versatile ingredients in conjunction with scientific formulas to ensure a highly protected and rejuvenated appearance.”

Although Nue Science products are not designed to treat rashes caused by poison oak, ivy or sumac, they help protect against signs of aging caused by sun damage and other environmental factors. In addition to witch hazel, the Nue Science product line relies on natural ingredients such as seaweed extract, goji berry, green tea extract, pomegranate, grape seed extract and avocado oil.

For those that are planning on exploring nature this summer, Nue Science recommends making sure to have proper SPF protection and cover skin as necessary to prevent from injury or rash. It is important for everyone to learn how to recognize dangerous plants to avoid a troublesome reaction. As the article states, Nue Science also notes that it is important to wash affected skin thoroughly if it has made contact with a poisonous plant.


Nue Science Cell Revival is a complete topical anti-aging system designed by a team of skincare professionals including Lovely Laban, ARNP, and authority in the fields of aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. Cell Revival is formulated to prevent and repair common symptoms of aging including wrinkles, brown spots and sagging skin.

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