Large-Scale Population Health Improvement Clients Choosing ConvergenceHealth Systems for Next Generation Wellness Solutions

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ConvergenceHealth adds new contracts and expands covered populations by 9 million people.

ConvergenceHealth adding 9 million people affirms that more and more governments and businesses are realizing that good health is great business.

ConvergenceHealth--developer of custom branded health improvement systems for large populations and enterprise grade businesses— announced today the company has finalized new and expanded agreements with six industry clients which will bring its sophisticated, custom health improvement installations to an additional 9 million new users. The technology company develops privately branded systems for U.S. and global clients targeting significantly improved health and performance in large population groups. Innovators of advanced systems technology, ConvergenceHealth,, provides brand integrated total system environments for healthy living to an elite cadre of industry-leading insurance, benefit and corporate business enterprises and to large-population global clients presently touching more than 40 million individuals. "We believe it is our imperative to continually evolve more advanced and effective large scale solutions that make wellness happen at the enterprise level," says ConvergenceHealth chief executive officer Byron Gehring. "As reflected in our growing client core, more and more businesses and governments are beginning to realize that good health is great business. When I say health—I mean healthier employees, healthier work environments and a workplace culture that supports healthier living. Health in that context is an inextricable element in a company's--or a country's--ultimate productivity, economy, profitability and prosperity. Our clients use our systems and our technologies within their own branded initiatives to reach millions of employees and individuals and engage them in a real and deepening commitment to healthier living. That is a strategy that will absolutely enhance performance, well being, productivity and profitability for any organization, however large." As the technology and systems backbone for some of the largest, most forward-thinking health improvement programs in the world, ConvergenceHealth has developed and deployed full spectrum wellness systems now available to more than 40 million individuals through its client partners which include Aetna, Humana, Workplace Options and Value Options, some of the largest health insurance and benefit providers in the U.S. Global client partners for the technology company include the Federal Government of Mexico and millions of federal employees and their families who are served by that country's world leading health benefit program, PrevenISSSTE. In 2012, ConvergenceHealth expanded its offerings of custom designed, population-scale health improvement systems for countries in Europe and South America where large-population health, wellness and prevention initiatives are increasingly recognized as critical national and business financial efficiencies. Branded for each client whether a country's national health service, a global enterprise corporation or a large- scale corporate health benefit provider, ConvergenceHealth's adaptable, modular systems interface transparently within a client's brand and its business side technology operations. These systems strategically, systematically and powerfully connect, engage, assess, advise, inspire, encourage, improve and track the client's employees and end users toward healthier living. ConvergenceHealth builds its systems on its innovative proprietary framework which houses in a modular structure; all needed applications, tools and resources for each scalable implementation. Every ConvergenceHealth system is built to fit the look, feel, mission and overriding brand identity of each client and its unique culture and business focus. "Our corporate mission is, 'Your solution--our systems'," explains Gehring. "We build for each client, their scope of business, their particular needs, their unique initiative. In global applications, each system is culturally adapted from the ground up for relevance to the culture, language and custom of the client country."

Whether in the U.S. or abroad, ConvergenceHealth clients are "clearly focusing on the equation that exists between health performance and business performance," says Adrian Stewart, vice president of marketing and international development for the company. Stewart believes a sea-change is underway in the way companies and governments are beginning to value and approach the real health of their populations.

"They know they must do more," Stewart observes. "Good health is a superb long-term business strategy. Whether you are a global enterprise seeking a deeper relationship with your customers, an employer looking for competitive performance edge or a government health service facing up to the real needs of your constituencies--good health is great business." "Our clients need transforming solutions for very complex scenarios," says Stewart. "We build those solutions specifically custom branded for them, configuring virtual, multidimensional health and wellness systems that can answer even large scale population demands." But--real user engagement is critical Stewart notes. "However sophisticated our technology, to succeed over the long haul, the system must connect to the individual to get results. We are intensely strategic and systematic about delivering that connection and securing maximum user engagement," he concludes.

About ConvergenceHealth ConvergenceHealth is a leading global population health improvement systems and technology company designing and delivering customized, web-enabled health improvement platform applications for large-scale population health initiatives in the U.S., Central America and Europe with a focus on design and direction for effective engagement and communication strategies to drive participation and empowerment in population health programs. Global clients include the Federal Government of Mexico and leading U.S. health insurance companies and service providers, large employers and benefits providers serving more than 40 million users.

For additional information on ConvergenceHealth, view the ConvergenceHealth video or contact Adrian Stewart, vice president of marketing and strategy, via email at Adrian(at)convergencehealth(dot)com or at

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