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A convenient one-stop facilitator of medical tourism service to international medical travellers seeking safe, zero waiting time and personalized programs. Experience world-class cosmetic plastic surgery in Korea.

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Seoul TouchUp Medical Tourism Packages

Seoul TouchUp Medical Tourism Packages

Pamper Yourself with a Hassle-Free Plastic Surgery Vacation in South Korea!

(PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Seoul TouchUp has introduced new medical tourism packages, designed to simplify medical travel. With package deals to suit various budgets and a portal that is easy to navigate, customers can expect exceptional service and outstanding value inclusions such as a one-on-one personalized service, pampering luxuries and a life-time follow-up care.

As a convenient one-stop cosmetic medical tourism provider, Seoul TouchUp offers a seamless and fuss-free management of care from beginning to end; plus extensive experience in medical tourism, deep local knowledge and connections to established and existing network of surgeons and hospitals. Fast customer response and zero waiting time are added benefits.

While South Korea’s more famous exports are the ever popular K-pop and kimchi – equally famous is its ‘importation’ of visitors interested to experience cosmetic plastic surgery. Korean plastic surgery has acquired a reputation; Korean surgeons are recognized not only for their surgical aptitude but conversely for their surgical artistry.

Medical tourism in Korea is steadily on the rise. According to the recent announcement in May this year by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the number of foreign medical tourists has amounted to 120,000. The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), a government body managing medical tourism, estimated that there are well over 650 registered websites for cosmetic plastic surgery clinics alone in Seoul. Research showed on average only a mere 12% are translated into other languages, thus limiting information required for many international medical travellers. Finding the best medical tourism company can be a challenging exercise.

In recent times, enduring cosmetic surgery abroad has become a popular trend – one that combines vacation and peaceful recuperation in beautiful settings and removed from the pressures of daily life. To fuel this, government agencies the world over are also channelling efforts to further promote medical tourism. For the most part, it is embraced for making procedures (be it reconstructive or cosmetic) more accessible to mainstream society, while still endorsing quality and maintaining economic sense.

Beyond the cluster of cosmetic clinics and beauty parlours, Seoul is a melting pot of flavours, fashion and dazzling nightlife. Although it has almost 3 times the population density of Tokyo and London and nearly 8 times that of New York City - this mega city has magically balanced the grace and grandeur of its ancient palaces with 21st century luxury and convenience, thus making Seoul an interesting get-away full of pleasing surprises.


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