Meet Dr. Zhi Gang Sha at the Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training Program August 29 – September 9 in the Bay Area of San Francisco Plus via Webcast

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Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches the Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training Program in San Francisco and Around the World via Webcast

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Millions of people are searching for wisdom, guidance and practical techniques to aid in the advancement for their spiritual journey. New York Times bestselling author, spiritual guide and a grandmaster of many ancient Chinese disciplines Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has opened a path to harmony by sharing ways to transform every aspect of people’s lives. In a rare opportunity, Dr. & Master Sha will lead ten days of extraordinary healings and workshops designed to share Divine and Tao guidance along with powerful techniques so that people can advance on their physical and spiritual journeys. Being a direct channel from God, Dr. Sha focuses on Soul Power, and delivers soul wisdom and enlightenment by lifting your soul to a higher spiritual level in heaven.

This will be the last time to meet Dr. and Master Sha in San Francisco in 2012. Connect with the most extraordinary healer and spiritual leader of our time at these not-to-be-missed events:

  • Wednesday, August 29, at 7:00pm – Dr. and Master Sha holds a FREE Soul Healing Evening with Divine Healing Hands at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, 1500 Van Ness Blvd, San Francisco. Everyone is welcome to attend and receive Soul Healing for health, relationships, finances and more.
  • Thursday, August 30 through Sunday, September 2 – Attend a Da Tao Soul Mind Body Enlightenment Retreat with Master Sha at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, 1500 Van Ness Blvd, San Francisco. Deeply purify soul, mind and body, and prepare to receive the optional Divine and Tao Enlightenment Orders uplifting one’s spiritual standing and gaining greater abilities to serve others.
  • Tuesday September 4 at 6:30pm – Experience a heart-to-heart connection with two servants of humanity in the film screening of Soul Masters: Dr. Sha & Dr Guo, followed by a special Divine Healing Hands Event with Dr. Sha and a Q&A with filmmaker Sande Zeig at the Brava Theater located at 2781 24th Street in San Francisco.
  • Thursday, September 6 at 7:00pm - Dr. and Master Sha will lead a Soul Healing Evening with Divine Healing Hands Blessings located at the Ananda Temple, 2171 El Camino Real, Palo Alto CA.
  • Friday, September 7, through Monday, September 9 -- Dr. and Master Sha will offer a powerful three-day life-transforming workshop where participants will become Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers at the San Francisco Marriott Union Square, 480 Sutter Street (at Powell St) in San Francisco. The Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training Program will also be available in 19 cities around the world. Master Sha will join all 19 cities for two hours each day via webcast.

Divine Healing Hands are God’s hands released at this time to help humanity through this period of intense purification and transformation on Mother Earth. Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers receive a transmission of Soul Mind Body Transplants of Divine Healing Hands. They receive the soul of God’s healing hands. They receive the consciousness of God’s healing hands. They receive the energy and matter of God’s healing hands.

Only Master Sha and his Divine Channels are authorized to transmit Divine Healing Hands. This is an opportunity to join Master Sha in person for teachings and blessings to deeply purify your soul, mind, heart and body, while uplifting your Divine Healing Hands power. Participation in the Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer program requires pre-approval and pre-registration. The Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer program is available in 19 cities around the world giving participants more than two hours of teachings with the renowned Master Sha via webcast.

To Register for the Free Soul Healing Evening, Soul Masters screening and the Global 3-Day Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training program and webcast, or to locate one of Dr. and Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives in 19 cities, please go to: or call Master Sha’s Love, Peace & Harmony Center in San Francisco: 415.971.7373.

Dr. Sha has more than 60,000 Facebook fans ( who share heart-touching stories about Divine Healing Hands every day. On Dr. Sha's YouTube channel ( are videos that share the power of Divine Healing Hands in more than 900 videos.

Dr. Sha is not only a teacher, but he is a servant to God. His life’s work includes serving humanity by helping them to achieve balance in their lives, cleanse their karma, be of service to others, and lift their soul to a higher standing in heaven. By finding a path to harmony with the universe, everything else in our lives will follow. Divine Healing Hands carries a frequency and vibration from God that can transform the frequency and vibration of the health, relationships, finances, intelligence and every aspect of life. This is the first time that God has ever been willing to give the opportunity and honor to humanity to receive his permanent healing hands to serve humanity, mother earth, heaven an all universes. The mission for 2012 is to invite 35,200 people worldwide to serve others by sharing Soul, Mind and Body Transplants to humanity. The Divine Healing Hands carries:

  • Divine Love that melts all karma blockages and transforms all life
  • Divine Forgiveness that brings inner joy and inner peace to all life
  • Divine Compassion that boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity of all life
  • Divine Light that heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates the soul, heart, mind and body. Divine Light also transforms relationships and finances of individuals.

For a Soul Transplant, Dr. Sha extends the Divine’s golden light for the soul. For a Mind Transplant, Dr. Sha offers the Divine’s golden light for the consciousness. For Body Transplant, Dr. Sha gives the Divine’s golden light for energy and matter. These three treasures joined together as one are called Divine Healing Hands. From here, individuals who receive these treasures are encouraged to share the Divine’s gifts with others by healing their soul and helping to make a better world.

Why Does The Divine Offer Healing Hands to Humanity?

Master Sha teaches a universal Tao principle that reincarnation happens to everything. Not only do human beings reincarnate, but Mother Earth does too. Mother Earth’s reincarnation goes through a cycle of eras, each lasting fifteen thousand years. Since 2003, the earth has entered into the Soul Light Era which is the era in which soul over matter will be prominent.

The beginning of this era has been marked by floods, blizzards, droughts, famine, disease, political, religious and ethnic wars, economic challenges, vanishing plant and animal species and other upheavals as part of this transition. In response, millions of people are suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, anger and worry. They also suffer from pain, chronic conditions and life-threatening illnesses.

Mother Earth is going through a very special transition marked by intense purification. Humanity is enduring suffering because of bad Karma created over thousands of years of wars, killing, greed, stealing, cheating, taking advantage of others and other atrocities of humanity. Also, by damaging Mother Earth by clearing out forests, wrenching natural resources from the land and water, testing nuclear weapons, pollution and causing the extinction of her animal inhabitants, we have created very bad karma. Karma is cause and effect. We’ve caused harm to ourselves, our families, our communities and Mother Earth. When you produce so much negative energies we throw off the natural balance of nature. We have to reconnect our energies with nature and bring our lives back into balance with the Mother Earth.

Dr. Sha shares the Divine Healing Hands Mission during this historic time to save humanity and Mother Earth, while helping to transform all life. With future years dedicated to increasing the practitioner numbers, within ten years, the Divine Healing Hands mission will attract more than 3 million participants – enough to help cleanse the earth and help most of humanity.

Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. He was trained as a conventional medicine doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and of the World Soul Healing, Peace and Enlightenment Movement, he is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui, and the I Ching. The author of more than 12 books published by Simon & Schuster (Atria Imprint), Dr. Sha’s upcoming book is Divine Healing Hands (September 2012) and his most recent New York Times bestseller is Tao Song & Tao Dance (December, 2011). All of Dr. Sha’s Soul Power books, DVDs and CDs, reveal soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to transform every aspect of life, and are bestsellers throughout the world. Visit Master Sha on his website and receive FREE daily blessings by teleconference on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about Dr. and Master Sha or to schedule an interview, please contact: Darcie Rowan, 347.407.0942, Darcie(at)DarcieRowanPR(dot)com

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