The Slippery Slope of B.O.G.O.F Advertising in Cosmetic Surgery

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Mike Mazza CEO of the World’s Largest Beauty Group HSSC Ltd and patient safety campaigner explains why the cosmetic surgery industry needs to learn from other industries and why the launch of a new website in October that may be the answer to safer surgery.

Back in 1987 the ban imposed on solicitors not been allowed to advertise was lifted. These days our TV's are continually bombarded by adverts from no win no fee solicitors.

The cosmetic surgery industry needs to learn from this and nip this in the bud now before it continues down the slippery slope of BOGOF (buy one get one free) adverts popping up from unscrupulous cosmetic surgery companies everywhere you turn.

The President of BAAPS Fazel Fatah’s comments about an outright ban on advertising is impossible, however a strict guideline as to what can be promoted is certainly a minimum requirement for the future of this industry explains Mike Mazza.

The recent poll showing that cost is the primary reason for women choosing a surgeon is no surprise when you look at what has been happening for many years with women traveling abroad for surgery not knowing what they will receive when they arrive. Most women choosing to have cosmetic surgery have had years of torment both inside personally and sometimes through bullying.

So what is the answer to this problem. Well it is two fold explains Mike Mazza, the first being who is the best person to perform your procedure. You cannot just say choose a BAAPS surgeon as you will have read many times following a press release, their membership is made up of all surgeons, not just plastic surgeons. Would you really want an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT surgeon) performing your breast enlargement or tummy tuck, doubtful. Secondly you cannot stand there and say that patients should not choose their surgeon based on cost alone, that is easy to say as a plastic surgeon with your £300,000 to £500,000 per annum salary, but for the general public who have saved for years and who have an option of having surgery now or within 2 years if they wait to have the money for the best surgeon is far more difficult.

The answer must be to use the Internet to it’s best potential explains Mike Mazza. These days 80% of women choose their surgeon online, so these patients need a directory of surgeon’s who have the correct qualifications and experience to perform the procedure that they have searched for. This will simultaneously deliver larger numbers of patients into the hands of the best surgeons which should help them to reduce their costs to make them competitive.

October will see the launch of a website that could be the answer to these problems, are in the process of vetting the worlds best surgeons before placing them on their website. Their directory will have a profile of the surgeons experience with a clear description of what their qualifications are without the pointless and confusing letters after their names, but number of procedures performed. Each search will present the user with a local surgeon including his or her price allowing patients to choose the cheapest surgeon if they so wish but in a safe environment. All of the surgeons will be qualified to perform the searched for procedure, but some of the surgeons will have more experience than others and as such will charge more.

This is a compromise and a step in the right direction toward safer surgery for patients says Mike Mazza, with the support of the industry this website should be able to stop unqualified surgeons being able to practice around the world. The website has been funded from the world’s largest Beauty Group HSSC Ltd Patient Safety Fund that was set up to help reduce the number of unqualified surgeons working in the world. This website will be the first in the UK to have no financial incentive over who is promoted within the directory and no industry bias meaning only the best surgeons will be placed within the directory and removed if patients complain. This website is exactly what our Patient Safety Fund was set up for and I am proud to support anything that can increase greater patient safety within our industry said Mike Mazza CEO of HSSC Ltd.

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