Introducing The Nex Flow™ Frigid-x™ Extra Strength Tool Coolers

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Replace costly mist coolant and improve your factory productivity in dry machining applications.

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Vortex Tube Tool Cooling System is used in dry machining applications and can often replace hazardous “mist coolants” in machine operations.

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ EXTRA STRENGTH Models 57025FS, 57030FS and 57040FS and Models 57025FD, 57030FD and 57040FD Tool Cooling Systems produce up to 2900 BTU/hr of cooling to allow for the dry machining of even extremely hardened materials. The Models 57025FS, 57030FS and 57040FS are a single point outlet systems and the Models 57025FD, 57030FD and 57040FD are dual point outlet systems.

The vortex tube operated system utilizes a stainless steel vortex tube and stainless overall construction which takes compressed air from a small amount of ordinary compressed air and splits it into a hot stream and a cold stream. The cold end is about 50 degrees F. (28 degrees C) below supply air temperature and is used to “cool” the cutting tool and part while machining.

There is no messy coolant, no hazardous mist, no residue and is low in cost. Quality of the part can be improved and output can be increased significantly more than offsetting air costs. Has a strong Magnetic Base to secure the unit to the machine.

Advantages include: No moving parts. Quiet Operation, No Electricity, Portable. Low Cost. Maintenance Free, Prevents Burning and Improves Tolerance Control. Stainless Construction, Improves Milling, Drilling, Routing and Surface Grinding.

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Vortex Tube Tool Cooling System is superior to other designs in using solid, stainless steel construction for long life compared to many flimsy aluminum units on the market. And yet, it is lower in cost while better in design.

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