Dennis Bucko Responds to Unique New Plastic Surgery Non-Profit

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New non-profit offers free plastic surgery to young victims of bullying. Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, is excited about what benefit this could mean for children affected by teasing.

The Mommy Files reports that a new non-profit organization offers free plastic surgery and counseling to children suffering from bullying. Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon and former Assistant Professor and director of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan, believes this may have a powerful benefit for children suffering from low-self esteem and depression caused by bullying.

According to the article, 14-year-old Nadia Ilse had been picked on for her protruding ears since she was in first grade. She told a CNN reporter that she never considered the size of her ears until classmates began making fun of her. Since the first day of being called “Dumbo,” she was the victim of vicious bullying and teasing. Ilse says in a CNN interview that the constant teasing made her antisocial and introverted.

After learning that plastic surgeons could pin back her ears, Ilse persuaded her mother to research the cost of the procedure (“otoplasty”). Her mother found the organization “Little Baby Face,” a non-profit organization offering free corrective surgery to teens suffering from bullying. Nadia was selected to receive a $40,000 3 part operation, including otoplasty, free of charge. Noted San Diego plastic surgeon, Dennis Bucko, who has 35 years experience in plastic surgery, says otoplasty is a routine procedure with dramatic results and little down time.

In addition to the surgery on her ears, Ilse had nose and chin alterations performed by Dr. Thomas Romo, III,. Although she never complained about these features, Nadia would have a more balanced look to her face with the additional surgery according to Dr. Romo. Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, says that sometimes surgeons will offer additional changes that may be helpful but this must be handled very delicately. In Nadia’s case, she may not have noticed that her nose and chin were an issue because she was preoccupied by her prominent ears.”

Dr. Bucko, who has had extensive experience operating on children with major deformities like cleft lips, believes that this non-profit may provide a great service for our youth but not everyone agrees that prominent ears should be surgically treated. Nadia Ilse’s story ignited a large debate as to whether kids being bullied should go under the knife to alter their appearance or if they should find acceptance of their looks. Those who say yes to surgery are left with the questions of, “How young is too young?” and “when does reasonable reconstructive surgery becomes more frivolous cosmetic surgery?”.

Nadia Ilse says in a statement to CNN that her only regret is not having the surgery sooner. Dr. Bucko agrees that many lives can be improved by non-profit organizations such as ”Little Baby Face,” offering free reconstructive plastic surgery treatments of this type he hopes that, in the near future, organizations such as this will become more easily accessible.


Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, is a medical professional who specializes in cosmetic surgical procedures. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, treats male and female patients who are interested in improving their appearance. Also a humanitarian, Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, is a regular volunteer with the Mercy Outreach Surgical Teams which operates on children with deformities in Mexico. In fact, he has been recognized for his 15 year commitment and his contributions to this organization. Today, Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, looks forward to continuing to provide the highest in patient care while supporting the research and technology that will, ultimately, push the field into the future.

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