Spartan Race Responds to an Article Regarding the Injury of Olympic Runner Mateo Mitchell

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Spartan Race responds to an article published in the Los Angeles Times which discusses how U.S. Olympic runner Mateo Mitchell completed a relay race on a broken fibula and offers facts about the importance of a recovery period when training.

On August 30th, Spartan Race responds an article published for the Los Angeles Times in regards to Olympic athlete Mateo Mitchell running a 4x400 meter relay on a broken leg.

According to the article, although Mitchell only complained about a cramped foot, after the race “Mitchell returned to the Olympic Village and had a doctor check out his leg. X-rays showed he had a broken fibula.” The article quotes Mitchell who stated, “I got out pretty slow, but I picked it up and when I got to the 100-meter mark it felt weird. I was thinking I just didn't feel right. As soon as I took the first step past the 200-meter mark, I felt it break. I heard it.”

Popular obstacle race Spartan Race acclaims Mitchell’s incredible determination and his remarkable ability to complete his relay race. Spartan Race believes that it is important for Mitchell to schedule in a recovery period, giving his leg time to heal. According to Spartan representative Jason Jaksetic, the recovery period after exercising must be taken seriously. Jaksetic explains the importance of scheduling a break within the duration of a training schedule and expresses that the body must be exposed to the healing process because it “will build up your body to a higher level of fitness.” According to Jaksetic, athletes can accomplish longer term goals by methodically and systematically scheduling in days where their body can recover.
Jaksetic explains that Mitchell’s injury is good example of how healing can allow the body to become stronger. He states, “Ever hear that a bone heals stronger after a break? Same idea. The important point is to understand that the process takes time.”

In addition, Jaksetic states that athletes can participate in very light exercises and provides stretching or light jogging as possible options. However, Jaksetic also recommends that if athletes are exhausted and their bodies yearn for sleep, then they should give into their fatigue and use their recovery time for sleeping.

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