Curing A Wine Allergy With Chiropractic

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Having two decades of successful experience in holistic medicine,“ Dr. Mike” reveals a quick, safe, and inexpensive method to permanently eliminate wine and alcohol allergies. There are over 300 million people worldwide who are allergic to wine. The allergic reaction could be immediate or next day symptoms ranging from headaches, congestion, dermatitis and rashes. You don’t have to wait for science to genetically manipulate grapes. There is cure for wine allergy now.

Medical research has indicated that people who drink occasionally actually live longer than people who never drink alcohol. Millions of people worldwide who have an allergic reaction to wine and other alcoholic beverages would like to toast special occasions or holidays. The wine reaction could occur immediately or there may be a delayed onset of symptoms such as headaches, congestion, wheezing, stomach aches, flushing of the skin, hives, or skin rashes.

People can be allergic to any type of alcohol, but red wine seems to be the most common among alcohol allergies. Up to a third of patients with asthma complain that wine will worsen their symptoms, less frequently with beer or spirits. Many people who react to wine believe sulfites are the culprit. They may choose an organic wine, not realizing that it also contains some sulfites. However, sulfites cause little or no problems in most people even when large amounts are consumed. Sulfites come from sulphur and are used as a preservative in wine and many foods and medications. They are added to retard the browning of fruit, vegetables, and seafood, reduce spoilage, and inhibit growth of bacteria during fermentation of wines. It is also used to condition the dough in frozen pie crusts. Therefore, sulfites only account for a small portion of wine allergies. It is the “fining” agents, sugar, and pesticides (used to protect the vineyard) that people are allergic to.

Another reason people react to wine is that they are sugar sensitive. Grapes are a sugary fruit. Alcohol is metabolized in the body in a similar way as sugar.

Allergic reactions may be life threatening. When the incompatible energy of an allergen’s electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, the body reacts in repulsion that produces different symptoms: weak limbs, tiredness, aches, pains, insomnia, constipation, anger, and other unpleasant warning signs. This creates energy blockages and causes imbalances, illnesses, and upheaval in the function of vital organs, muscles, and nerves. After the initial blockage is produced, the brain tells every cell of the body to reject the presence of the allergen in order to prevent further damage.

“I use kinesiology - muscle testing to confirm an allergy and identify and locate blockages in a patient’s electromagnetic energy field,” says Dr. Mike Greenberg, a holistic chiropractic doctor who offers allergy elimination among other health services provided at Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia. “During muscle testing, I have a patient hold a specific allergen in one hand, while extending the other arm out horizontally. As I push down on the wrist of the patient’s extended arm, I ask him to resist my downward pressure. If the patient is allergic to the substance he is holding, the shoulder muscle will weaken and the patient’s arm will drop.”

It is 100 percent feasible to permanently eliminate a wine allergy. The process is rather quick and inexpensive. Dr. Mike uses a holistic approach known as N.A.E.T. that naturally reprograms the body to eliminate allergies. As he taps and stimulates certain meridian points while a person holds something they are allergic to, blocked energy is released and the body is reprogrammed to accept the energy of the allergen. After the treatment, he repeats the muscle test to make sure the allergy has been completely released. Since the body’s immune system no longer reacts against the allergen, the person is no longer allergic to that substance.

When Dr. Mike first learned the allergy technique, one of his first patients was a dentist who loved to sip on a martini and read the newspaper after a day’s work. However, he was allergic to gin. While he was skeptical about a new technique that could cure allergies, he wanted to enjoy a daily time of relaxation. Within six sessions, the dentist’s allergy to martinis was completely resolved. A year later, Dr. Mike phoned him to verify that he remained symptom-free.

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