A' Design Awards introduces the Good Design Mark

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A' Design Award & Competitions announced the Good Design Mark System to highlight and underline products with high design content to create awareness among consumers to help them make purchasing decisions towards better design products that are sustainable, efficient and socially responsible.

Good Design Mark

a symbol on your products & product packages for a better designed world for you and the future.

Today, A’ Design Awards & Competitions have announced the Good Design Mark, a global initiative to highlight products and services with high design value from the rest of the competition by offering them a distinctive symbol and a website that could be embedded into products to provide end-users an opportunity to learn more about the design value quality within these services and products.

From now on, products and services with high design value content will be highlighted by the Good Design Seal composed of Good Design Mark Logo, Good Design Mark Website and Good Design Mark QR Code and License Identifier. The ultimate aim of the Good Design Mark is to help design sensitive consumers to differentiate between products with high design qualities and others commodities.

The differentiation matters, because better designed, more sustainable, more efficient, resource friendly products help us to arrive at a better, cleaner future. Thus, from another perspective, the ultimate aim of the Good Design Mark is to help the world arrive into a cleaner, better future by creating awareness among consumers for good design products that respect nature, resources, and society.

Good Design Mark System
Provided by A’ Design Award & Competitions, the Good Design Mark, appearing on products and services, is an indicator of high quality design principles that are embedded into award winning designs and services. The seal is composed of a logo symbol that is easy to spot and a website address that could be accessed to get more information about the seal itself. Furthermore a QR Code or License Identifier is provided to control the authenticity of the seal. The Good Design Mark allows end users to check and learn more about the seal, and works to disseminate more information regarding the seal and the relevant award winning product or service. The QR Code and the License ID is linked to an information page regarding the product-service and displays the award that was assigned to the product-service. The page tells why the product is awarded with the seal, and the value proposition behind it.

The commercial aim of the Good Design Mark is to differentiate copy-cat products from original designs, to underline design quality of projects, and to highlight the award winning designs further by providing them added opportunity underline the embedded intrinsic design value within the product-services. The seal works by helping decrease the information asymmetry regarding product-services, to show that the seal-entitled projects are not just self-proclaimed as good design, but rather have been determined as good design by an international jury of esteemed designers, architects, artists, professionals and academics.

The ultimate purpose of the seal is to help customers to make the final buying decision favored towards the good designed products, which are identified as sustainable, environment and resource friendly, ergonomic, energy efficient, user friendly etc. In this context, the seal aims to create a better world, with products or designs that are better in design by being responsible to environments, to society and to users.

Obtaining the Good Design Mark
The Good Design Mark is provided free of charge to A’ Design Award & Competition winners without annual fees, for the lifetime of a product or service. Companies who wish to obtain the seal should participate in the A’ Design Award, and must prevail as an award winner.

A Step Towards a Better World
For creating awareness for good design, and to help customers make purchasing decisions towards better design products, press members are encouraged to learn more about the Good Design Mark and disseminate the seals further by publishing the initiative, translating and printing these statements, so that, our society could arrive at better a world with better products and services for people that are well designed, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, ergonomic, sustainable and most importantly trusted. To learn more, visit: http://www.gooddesignmark.com

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