Bainbridge Publishing Announces the Release of their New Science-Fiction Thriller, DARK DAWNING

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The end of the oil age, the day freedom died and the world fell into darkness.

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In a recent interview with author Auguste Dinoto we spoke about the release of his new science fiction thriller, DARK DAWNING. In graphic detail the book depicts a great earthquake will strike the Mid-East nations in the year 2030. A San Andreas-like ground fault will form beneath the oil fields of the Mid-East, and 85% per cent of the world’s oil supply will be lost. The price of gasoline will fire up to thousands of dollars a gallon. Millions will be thrown out of work. Riots will shake the country as never before. Martial law will be declared, and this will mark the end of freedom in the United States.

For decades now there have been warnings by conservation groups that fossil fuel was running out. A report released about ten years ago stated that there was enough fuel left in the ground to last about another two hundred years. Recently another report stated there was enough fuel to last five thousand years. No one can tell just how much oil is left in the ground, because there is no accurate way to measure it. But we can measure the amount that is being taken out. According to the Energy Information Administration, the United States consumed 7.0 billion barrels of refined petroleum and biofuels in the year 2010. Combined usage of 2010 and 2011 amounted to about 22% of the world’s supply.

China, with its immense population of nearly three billion people is becoming a more open society with a growing middle class. That middle class could top a billion people in the next ten years. That would give China a middle class that is three times the total population of the entire United States. This growing affluent group of people has shown a hunger for the same standard of living as the west. They are now starting to import and build cars for their rising middle class. Owning an automobile in China has become a status symbol. This explosion of automobiles on China’s roads along with those in the United States and the rest of the world could deplete the world’s oil supply within the next century. Measures must be taken to find other fuel sources while oil is still plentiful. To wait until it is gone will only make it that much more difficult to replace.

“We are approaching the end of the oil age,” said Auguste Dinoto, author of the new book, Dark Dawning. “Fossil fuel is no more than a pool of oil in the ground. No one is manufacturing any more, and it is running out.”

The book, Dark Dawning, gives a glimpse into a future where gasoline cannot be purchased for any price. Automobiles are relics of the past. People will be moved into living quads where power usage is strictly controlled. The Democratic and Republication parties will simply be puppets to the Oil Appropriation Committee (OAC). The duties of this committee will be to see to the proper distribution of fuel throughout the country. The book goes on to show that there will be political infighting between the oil rich southern states and the OAC. This will cause the OAC to form its own Federal Police Force to see that their rulings are enforced. This committee will be headed by a power-mad fanatic. Those who oppose the rulings of the OAC will have their fuel allocations cut off. The rising price of fuel will spawn gas smugglers, and gasoline cookers. There will be employment control, night time curfews, and the penalty for committing any crime will be execution… it will cost too much fuel to run and maintain prisons.

Auguste Dinoto was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of three. He graduated from Warren Easton High School and joined the Marine Corps at seventeen. After three years in the Marine Corps the author moved to Los Angeles and attended Los Angeles City College. There he studied creative writing and theater arts, and appeared in a school production of, ‘A Hatful of Rain’. It was after seeing the San Andreas Fault that the idea for the book, Dark Dawning came to mind.

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