Halloween Costumes Shopping to be Tax Free for Now says Das Cheap!

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E-Fairness Shopping Law Really Not So Fair, Especially for Holiday Buyers

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the US government wants to back-peddle and start mandating and having online retailers collect sales tax as opposed to having the customer report the transaction

Online shopping is about discounts. Many online stores have used the "tax free" mantra to help sales. One company is trying to keep it tax free for as long as possible starting with their Halloween costumes.

Das Cheap, is a discount online store that retails over one million products to date. Featuring everything from seasonal merchandise like Halloween costumes, to party supplies, toys, cheap electronics, housewares and even wholesale buys to consumers at heavy discount prices with further "tax-free" discounts because of the tax laws that are currently in place. However as of late, it seems that these tax free purchases may be coming to an end.

David Scarpitta of Das Cheap Inc - "Many other brick and mortar companies think that the Tax free option is unfair to the retail schematic however in all honesty, brick and mortar doesn't have to pay shipping to their customers. One thing here we pride ourselves on is the ability to offer discount products, but shipping isn't something we can get around, just like in-store taxes. All online retailers have to pay it. And now, the US government wants to back-peddle and start mandating and having online retailers collect sales tax as opposed to having the customer report the transaction will ultimately cost more time and resources on all angles that will inherently force prices to raise. As there is no one law in stone across the board, and there are just so much involved in just collecting and recording taxes for a handful of states. Once again putting this responsibility on the retailer's shoulders in such a large scale is a derailed conception that Capitol Hill thinks is the answer to their real current fiasco of financial problems."

Das Cheap urges online shoppers to get the most out of their budget and buy online now before the law gets passed and goes into effect.

"We try to save the customer wherever we can, and with that in mind only charge sales tax within the states that our fulfillment facilities are in. It has affected many of our lines, but if this law gets passed then even our other staple products like our Halloween costumes around this time of year will be subject to each state's independent tax laws. It's really not the answer in these tough economic times." - David Scarpitta

Das Cheap urges grass roots online retailers to contact their local Congressman to oppose this Bill and raise awareness about the damage it will to do the online sales channel if they are forced to collect the tax.

"Overall it will hurt everyone, especially the Mom and Pop's of the internet. Since they are competing with monster corporations to help shave off a few dollars, now they will be playing on the same field, with an unstoppable army, not to mention the tax cuts and write-offs larger companies like Amazon will get as they try their "negotiation factors" for cutting their taxes locally. As retailers like us, we just don't get those considerations. Bottom line is that this "E-Fairness Bill", is truly far from fair. " - David Scarpitta

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