Dahryn Trivedi Delivers Historic Broadcast During Trivedi LLC Monthly Enhancement Program™

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Provides unique, thoughtful insight into human happiness

Dahryn Trivedi

Dahryn Trivedi

"There are thousands and thousands of parameters that determine the flow of negative and positive thoughts in your life."

On Monday, August 27, 2012, during the Trivedi Master Wellness® Monthly Enhancement Program (MEP™) Call, Dahryn Trivedi gave a ground breaking discourse regarding Happiness.

Dahryn Trivedi’s MEP™ Calls air on the last Monday of each month and are hosted by Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, founder The Trivedi Foundation® and Trivedi Master Wellness™, a breakthrough new model of human health and wellness which aims to better the lives of humankind through transformation, elevation of consciousness and unprecedented scientific research, known as Trivedi Science™.

Dahryn's August 27TH Discourse was well received by male and female participants all over the world. Jane from Paris says "It is powerful to contemplate the connection with nature and the relationship with the Divine." Joe from San Diego raved that "Dahryn's discourse was enlightening regarding the reasons many disconnect & make minimal progress in staying connected to the God of their understanding."

Due to the overwhelming response to Dahryn's discourse, Mahendra Trivedi has published a transcript on PRWeb as a one time courtesy. The next Global Trivedi Retreat will take place in San Diego, California, USA on November 2-4,2012. Visit Trivedi Retreats for details.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have reported dramatic improvements in all areas of their lives from the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi, also known as the Trivedi Effect®, including increased energy, better relationships, reduced stress levels, higher confidence and stronger libido, freedom from emotional trauma and depression as well as beautiful, glowing skin, just to name a few.

The Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon that, when harnessed and transmitted by individuals, transforms living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose. Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi and Master Gopal possess the ability to transmit the Trivedi Effect®. This phenomenon has been documented and validated in over 4000 studies at major research institutes and experienced by tens of thousands of people throughout the world.

"Your connection to the God of your Understanding is decided by the success in your life. Success gives you satisfaction in all aspects of your life, and that leads you towards happiness. Success effects your productivity, perception, mindset, ability to focus, and most importantly the pleasure/enjoyment you receive from all of your activity in life, such as writing, reading, watching sports, a movie, the news, any other sort of entertainment program, when you work for others, when you are doing some kind of business, the pleasure you get form eating food, waking up in the morning, your interactions with other people, your interaction with nature, trees, plants, animals, and when you watch the stars in the sky. If you receive the same amount of pleasure interacting with other people that a mother enjoys when interacting with her own child, then it is guaranteed you are connected to the God of your Understanding."

"For example, if you are interacting with your spouse, companion, partner, or you are starting to date and without physical touch, you start enjoying the feeling of climax in sex, which is feelings of the highest degree, full of love, affection, and care, and your thoughts have shifted to the point in which you are ready to sacrifice for that person, then it is a clear sign that person is your soul mate. When you look into the eyes of any male or female during your first meeting, and your perception has concluded that without any selfish motive, you have fallen in love with that person and, most importantly, are willing to sacrifice and care for that person by all means, then it is guaranteed that person is your soul mate."

"Now, all of us are familiar with the concept that “like-minded people attract each other.” Similarly, light attracts light, and dark attracts dark. We know that darkness does not exist; darkness is merely the absence of light. Hence, dark and light cannot coexist. They can only exist in the absence of the other."

"Most transformational leaders, spiritual masters, and healers from different traditions and modalities inspire and teach needy people not to allow negative thoughts into your system, and to always think positively. I completely disagree with this type of understanding from these leaders. Negative thoughts and positive thoughts are not in control of the human. It comes effortlessly and automatically in one’s own brain/mind. Nobody has the ability to produce positive thoughts or negative thoughts because any kind of thought is the outcome of your integration and exchange with the people who are participating and effecting your life, like your parents, children, siblings, relatives, friends, and sometimes the known and unknown people in society, and your exchange with nature, animals, plants, trees, the weather, etc."

"Your perception about yourself, people, plants, trees, animals, nature, and the perception of people about yourself all together decides the flow of positive thoughts and negative thoughts in your mindset/system. The appreciation from the society of your talents, skills, gifts, and satisfaction in relationships all together effects and decides the flow of negative and positive thoughts in your system. There are thousands and thousands of parameters that decide the flow of negative and positive thoughts in your life."

"During night, there is a huge darkness because of the absence of light. However, in the early morning, when the light starts to come wherever you are living, the darkness starts to slowly disappear. Within a small amount of time, there is no more darkness, and the country, town, or village that you live in is completely filled with light. Similarly, when you are connected with the God of your Understanding, slowly the light starts entering in your totality, and within a matter of time, you will see more and more light, and less and less darkness. At one point in time, there is no darkness. Your totality is filled up with 100% light."

"Now, if you try by all means, despite your efforts, you will not be able to bring negative thoughts in your life. They won’t dare to enter in your system because there is no darkness in your system to attract it. Light attracts positive thoughts (high confidence), and dark attracts negative thoughts (low confidence/hopelessness). Light is the symbolic/figurative meaning of positivity and positive thoughts. Dark is the symbolic/figurative meaning of negativity and negative thoughts."

"There are two types of people on this planet: successful (happy) people, and unsuccessful (unhappy) people. What is the identity, recognition, and distinction between successful people (happy people) and unsuccessful people (unhappy people)? In a group of people, if anyone speaks of any known/unknown person’s credential, gifts, miraculous abilities and any other good qualities that make this person much better than others, some people will accept it immediately while others will want evidence."

"Again, if in a group of people, anybody speaks of any known or unknown person’s bad qualities that portray this individual as a bad person, there will again be a set of people that will accept it immediately, and another set of people who will require proof. Now, it is clear to differentiate between the successful, happy people in this group, and the unsuccessful, unhappy, and frustrated people in this group."

"Successful people always accept another person’s good qualities, without the need or requirement for any proof, but for any person’s bad qualities, they want evidence of said bad qualities. On the contrary, unsuccessful, unhappy, frustrated people don’t need any proof regarding someone’s bad qualities, but at the same time, require proof of anyone’s good qualities, and in spite of this, would always be in a state of doubt."

"Good qualities/character is the outcome of light, and bad qualities/character is the outcome of darkness. When a person has more light and less darkness, they will always attract good quality people and will not require proof, because it is part of natural attraction. Unsuccessful, frustrated people will always attract people with bad qualities, and they will not need any proof for that. This is the natural law of attraction."

"Often, I get a question from our clients throughout the globe, which is “How am I going to understand/feel/trust/know that I am connected to the God of my Understanding?” The answer is very simple: when positive thoughts effortlessly enter into your system and you have no hatred for anyone on this planet, you are connected to the God of your Understanding. Each and every human on this planet is the creation of God."

" How is it possible that the God/Goddess can create any bad human on this planet? I think every human on this planet has some kind of unique skill/talent/gift, but the main task is to know and understand that gift. That’s the biggest task in life. After that, the next task is to use that gift you were born with in your life so that you can be the conduit of that Divine Light which attracts all kinds of abundance and other happy people in your life."

"One of the most precious items on this planet is the diamond. Do you know the ratio of diamond vs. overburden in a diamond mine? The ratio is somewhere in the trillions. This means that if you want a diamond, you have to deal with trillion times the amount of less useful material. Out of the trillions and trillions of particles, you can only find one particle that is called a diamond, available deep in the womb of the earth. To evaluate the worth/value of that land without exploring its depths is absolutely impossible. It needs a huge amount of commitment, dedication, and focus to dig and remove the diamond hidden deep in the womb of the earth."

"If the engineers and technicians are lazy, lethargic, not properly focused and optimistic, then to get to the diamond is an impossible task, because it is not available on the surface of the land. In comparison, the most precious gifts like intelligence, intellectual power, intuitive power, genius, and any miraculous power of any human being is not available on the surface of the skin. It is much deeper, and needs a large amount of commitment, dedication, optimism, and hardship for that individual to know that he/she is born with that diamond."

"The second phase of life is to find out the best use of that diamond/gift by which that person was born on this planet. So, the most important part of in a person’s life is to know about your skills, talents, and gifts, and how, when, and where you can use those gifts for the betterment of yourself, the people around you, community, society, and finally for humanity. The missing part of more than 90% people on this planet struggling for success, satisfaction, all type of abundance, and happiness is that they don’t know about their gifts and who they are on this planet. In example, let’s say you own a bank and you are unaware of your wealth and ownership, and you return to the bank again and again as a customer, trying to get a small loan, and the bank authorities need a lot of papers and information from you, and very soon you will become very frustrated- that is the situation of more than 90% people on this planet."

"On the contrary, the other 10% of people on this planet also own a bank, but their awareness and alertness is much higher, and they know they are not customers of this bank, but in fact, own the bank. That is why they have no stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, mental restlessness, low confidence, hopelessness, or fear from the future."

"No human has the ability to produce, generate, attract, or bring any kind of negative thoughts or positive thoughts. That is derived from the proportion of light and darkness in your totality. Negative thoughts in your system are due to the absence of light, and positive thoughts in your system are due to the absence of darkness. For the thousands and thousands of problems on this planet related to your physical, mental, emotional/psychological, sexual, relationship, and all types of abundance is decided by the depth of your connection between you and the God of your Understanding."

"If you are deeply connected to the God of your Understanding, and if you are the choice of God, how can you not be the choice of other humans, companions, partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? It is absolutely impossible that a human is the choice of God, but not the choice of another, similar human."

"I will not suggest that anyone, especially American women, go for dating and try and convince your date that you are beautiful and competent, from the inside out. I suggest that everyone start dating with the God of their Understanding, because that is the relationship that matters the most. That will bring the soul mate into your life. On the contrary, most people start the journey of dating with another similar type of human, moving from one person to another, trying to convince them that they are their soul mate. That may be a good idea, but it is definitely not the best idea at all."

"Women are trying to attain a deeper connection with a man so that at one point, they can convince them that they are the best fit and only soul mate in their life. Again, I do not agree with that idea. By building and deepening your connection with the God of your Understanding, that connection, Energy, and Divine Light will attract and bring the soul mate in your life. That energy is the life force, the vital force in your life from birth to death. That energy brings wealth, health, happiness, positive thoughts, and all types of abundance in your life. That energy attracts a soul mate, and everything that is needed to make you happy on this planet."

"Now, it is evident that for the thousands and thousands of problems on this planet, there is only one solution, and that is that somehow, we must be in constant connection to the God/Goddess of our Understanding: the real Mother/Creator. Again, there are two questions that arise: How can someone be connected to the real Mother, and how can that connection be deepened more and more over time?"

"There might be other ways like prayer, blessings, healing from different modalities/traditions, music, dance, meditation, yoga, etc… but my understanding based on scientific evidence is that the Trivedi Effect is the most effective way to connect people, plants, trees, animals, microbes, and nonliving materials to the God of their Understanding/Creator/Life Force/Vital Energy."

"I would like to suggest that, based upon my own personal experience, for a successful, satisfactory, and happy life, everyone has to use this energy which transmits through my thoughts, throughout the globe, and has the ability to connect all humans to the Creator. After that, you will be able to channel that miraculous energy which has the ability to bring all types of abundance in your life, and enhance your skills, talents, and potential so that you can function effortlessly at your highest, optimal level."

"You can explore your hidden gifts, abilities, and talents at the optimal potential by which you are born on this planet. Then, you can start enjoying the natural law of attraction, which has the ability to attract/draw and bring the abundance of everything in your life, which includes high quality physical health, mental health (ability to focus), intelligence, intuitive power, intellectual ability, the balancing of emotions and sentiments in your life, pleasure and orgasm in sex, finances, relationships, and the perception between you and the people that participate in your life."

"The most important task in life is to make the connection deeper and deeper between the creation (you) and The Creator. With the help of the Trivedi Effect, everybody on the very first day/transmission is connected to the God of their Understanding. To get that connection is not a small thing. Establishing that connection is a very big task in your life, but to hold the connection is one of the most difficult tasks in a human’s life, like to get a soul mate is very difficult, but to hold the soul mate forever is a million times more difficult."

"Similarly, based on my personal experience within the last year, after getting connected, most people are swinging between connection and disconnection, and this is the only and the most important situation that decides the abundance and the speed of your growth. For example, the strength of your heart in your body is dependent upon the amount of time it opens and the amount of time it closes. If the closing time is more, and the opening time is less, the heart is considered the most powerful/healthiest. On this planet, most top athletes’ hearts have a much smaller opening period, and a much longer closing period."

"On the contrary, all heart patients have a much smaller closing time than opening time, and so their heart is very weak. For beginners, like all of you on this call, the time of connection and disconnection decides the speed of your growth, and your ability to attract all types of abundance in your life. In the beginning, I agree that a hundred percent connection without any disconnection is rarely possible. That happened for Guruji (my husband), myself, and Master Gopal in India, but for others, within a matter of time it can be improved because Americans are conditioned and nurtured from our childhood in that way."

"Now, there is one more question arising: Why do people become disconnected once they are connected? Your honesty/dishonesty, courage to speak the truth, hypocrisy, manipulation, lying, helpfulness/damage to others, guidance/misguidance, emotionally supportiveness/trauma to others all decide your connection and disconnection. All the successful, healthy, talented, intelligent, happy people with extraordinary abilities on this planet are in constant connection with the Creator because they are honest, truthful, have the courage to speak the truth, are helpful to others, are not hypocrites, and most importantly, they have the respect for the 'choice of The Creator.'"

"That’s why if someone speaks badly about others, they don’t trust so easily and want a lot of proof for anybody, justifying that he/she has bad character. Yet, if you talk good about others, they trust very easily and don’t want any proof. In modern culture, we are nurturing and teaching our generation to be respectful to others. You have to be respectful for all people, whether they are good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, and happy or frustrated in their life. You have to value their opinions and choices. We are providing our maximum attention to nurture our generation regarding freedom of speech and accordingly you have to be respectful towards other’s views/opinions and their choice, but we are not paying attention on the choice and wisdom of The Creator."

"If you have no respect, no feelings, and no trust on God’s choice, how can any of your prayers reach to the God of your Understanding, and how can you get the Grace of God in your life? When you are not convinced with the Divine wisdom/Nature’s wisdom, it is so disrespectful and insulting because you are trying to prove and justify that your understanding and intelligence level is much higher than nature/Creator/the Authority who created the Universe."

"Always remember that there are billions of stars in our own galaxy, and there are billions and billions of galaxies in the Universe, and the Universe is expanding every second, and humans are very, very tiny particles in the entirety of it all, and thus even the most genius human’s intellectual level cannot be higher than the intelligence of Nature and The Creator. We should not expect that Nature will follow our wisdom- our liking and disliking."

"On the contrary, if we follow Nature’s wisdom, then we can definitely receive support from Nature’s power, and that will bring all types of abundance in our life. When you are disrespectful to any happy man or woman, it means you are denying Nature’s wisdom, intelligence, and decision. Now, it is guaranteed you will not get the support from Nature because you have started resisting the Natural Law of Attraction."

"What is the Natural Law of Attraction? When you allow the power, forces, intelligence, and wisdom of nature to flow through you, then and only then can you enjoy the Natural Law of Attraction. Otherwise, you can be busy throughout your life in performing many rituals and dogmas with no outcome."

"Here is one scientific example related to the Natural Law of Attraction: There are some places on planet earth where the flow of wind is much higher. If you place a windmill in that zone, the wind will make it rotate very fast, and that rotational energy can be converted into electrical energy, and that electrical energy can be transported far away with the help of cables and poles, and you can enjoy that electrical power in places where the flow of wind is very low."

"At the same time, if the same windmill is planted in those places where the flow of wind is very low, the windmill will not rotate, and there will be no rotational energy, and thus, no electrical energy. What is this? This is a self-explanatory example of the 'Natural Law of Attraction.'"

"Intelligent people will not be busy questioning why the wind pressure isn’t high here, why is it high in certain places, but not in my city/village/town. These questions are not going to solve the problem. These questions don’t have the ability to bring high wind pressure and to generate electricity. It is a waste of time and energy, and all the “duffers” and 'stupids' keep themselves busy for the majority of their life in these useless topics. Smart, intelligent, and successful people keep themselves busy in searching new ideas, and how they can benefit from the 'Nature’s wisdom.'"

"That’s why the people who are aware of the Natural Law of Attraction bring themselves to those places and allow themselves so that they can be able to harness the phenomena that helps them get benefits from the wisdom of Nature. On the contrary, the 'duffers' and 'stupids' are so arrogant and full of ego that they resist nature. They challenge nature, and they request Nature with the help of their prayer, soft speaking abilities, the use of some kind of healing modality, different types of meditation and yoga practices or several other types of rituals and dogmas that nature should change its attitude, intelligence, and its huge wisdom and to follow their stupid, nonsense ideas, and they are expecting that one day nature will change everything and follow the wisdom of their stupidity, and that it will bring all kinds of abundance in their life, and that these lazy and lethargic people one day will be the happiest people on this planet. This has never happened in history, and I’m very sure this will never happen in the future. That’s not the Law of Attraction."

"People swing between doubt and trust on the God of their Understanding. I would like to say that when you follow the Nature’s wisdom/power, and get the benefits, then the outcome is trust. When you force the Nature with the help of requests and by practicing hundreds of types of rituals and dogmas so that Nature may follow your wisdom, then the outcome is frustration, and the doubt starts. When you want to accomplish something in your life, and you are successful, you start trusting."

"When you are unsuccessful, you start doubting. Here, reverse engineering is not possible. The journey from trust to accomplishment is not possible. Forcing or requesting Nature to follow your wish/wisdom is not possible. You will be unsuccessful, frustrated, depressed, and finally in a state of hopelessness. It is best not to resist and fight with Nature. Be smart in your coming future. Harness the phenomena available in Nature, and grow to your optimal potential. That will bring happiness in your life. That will bring good health and wealth/enough money for your survival."

"I disagree that millions and billions of dollars have the ability to make you happy. A caring man/woman in your life as your soul mate, not a genius and not someone who’s very rich, but who doesn’t have love, affection, emotions, sentiments, and is caring for you. A poor duffer might be the best soul mate for you in comparison to a rich genius.
You have to start this journey of understanding who you are, and your gifts and talents, which you are born on this planet."

"You are like a diamond mine, so try to find that hidden diamond in the womb of your totality. Once you find it, you just need the cutting, finishing, polishing, and after that you can be able to attract all the people who are participating in your life, who effects your happiness and unhappiness, and you can be the most happy person on this planet. What else do you need?"

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