Wholesaler Bonnington Plastics Ltd Today Announced An Increase To Their Wild Bird Products Range To Prepare Retailers For The Winter Sales

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UK based wholesaler Bonnington Plastics Ltd today announced an increase in their wild bird care products, in order to make available the products retailers will soon need to supply to their customers when demand increases later in the year.


Wholesalers like Bonnington Plastics Ltd ensure there is food for garden birds in winter.

Bonnington Plastics Ltd are wholesalers based in the UK. They are giving people a way to provide a good source of saturated fat to birds.

Bonnington Plastics Ltd, a UK wholesaler, today announced they had increased the number of products available in their wild bird care goods range.

Many people care for wild birds from their home in order to observe them in close proximity and provide either food or water or both to the birds that need it. This is good for the birds as they need an easy source of water to wash in as well as food to help them survive as their natural food becomes scarcer towards autumn and winter.

A customer service representative from Bonnington Plastics Ltd advised, “As autumn approaches there will be less and less natural food for birds to eat. This is due to the turn of the season, and signals the time when birds will soon be heading south for the winter. Because of this we have increased our range of bird feeding products for retailers to prepare for the coming months with a wider range of goods that their customers will be expecting from them in the future”

Birds such as the Robin, Blackbird, Finches and Tits all stay in the UK over the winter unlike other species of birds that migrate south, as recorded by Birding.uk.com. For these birds there is a severe lack of food that is very dangerous. As birds need more saturated fat in their diet than other species they often die in the winter due to lack of a good saturated fat source.

By providing suet balls for retailers to sell to their customers, Bonnington Plastics Ltd is giving people a way to provide a good source of saturated fat to birds. This will mean that the birds have a protective layer that will help them stay warm on the colder winter nights and people will still be able to enjoy them visiting their garden in the winter.

Bonnington Plastics Ltd are wholesalers based in the UK. As an importer they provide a wide range of products to retailers around the country, most of which are sold under the Kingfisher branding. These products include the wide range of Kingfisher bird care products which are beneficial to birds all year round.

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