California Family Law Expert Discusses the Challenges of Divorce and Split Nationality Couples

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Getting a divorce in California or any state for that matter is difficult enough under 'normal' situations. Despite cooperative judges, when a foreign national is involved in a divorce, serious problems can arise. Buncher Law Corporation today released a blog that discusses the challenges of divorce when one side is a foreign national.

Lauren Mullee, Attorney at Law, Buncher Law Corporation

Lauren Mullee, Attorney at Law, Buncher Law Corporation

Under normal situations, getting a divorce in California is difficult enough

The Buncher Law Corporation ( today announced a blog post that discusses the challenges that couples face when a foreign national is involved. The blog post, written by attorney Lauren Mullee, outlines the complications of divorce in these unique situations.

"Under normal situations, getting a divorce in California is difficult enough," writes Mullee, who is an attorney at the Buncher Law Corp in Irvine, CA. "There are judges who are cooperative and understanding when a foreign national is involved in a divorce, but still, difficulties arise."

The fact is, fewer Americans are marrying abroad or are bringing spouses from other countries now than in previous years. According to the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, in 2011 there were 25,329 visas issued to couples of mixed nationality (U.S. Citizen and a foreign national). The trend has been dropping since 2002 when there was almost double the number of such couplings.

Nevertheless, says Mullee, "There are still many couples of mixed nationality who need help navigating through a very unique process. It is a very specialized area of practice and that requires patience and experience, but above all else, vigilance."

According to her post, when one party resides in another country, the divorce process can take much longer. "If one party resides out of the country,  the divorce process will often take longer and costs can be higher," she says. "It's hard to pin down exact numbers because every situation is different. If you imagine the complications of conducting this kind of discussion with two people cross country, the complications are only magnified when one party is in another country."
Mullee acknowledges that faxes and email can help move some processes along, but many documents require original signatures. Some documents may require certification as to the validity of a signature, i.e. notarization. In the U.S., this process is fairly easy when you hire a notary public. There are equivalents in some other countries, but you may be forced to find other means (e.g., an embassy) to validate documents.

"But handling this special situation goes far beyond documents and signatures," write Mullee. "If one side decides to move back to his or her home country during dissolution proceedings, there's always the danger that the other party may see this as an opportunity to frustrate and stall the moving party’s efforts to promptly resolve his or her case. What is required is the experience to recognize stall tactics, and to  deal with them swiftly."

"Too many attorneys see a client as just a file on a shelf. If you are not vigilant, key events could fly right past you or fall through the cracks resulting in longer delays and more money. I've seen cases like this sit around and never get resolved," she continues. "In court, if you don't take appropriate action, your case will be dismissed and will remain unresolved. If you don't communicate, the court will not help you. That's why your selection of an attorney is critical."

Buncher Law Corporation is a professional, preeminent boutique law firm based in Orange County, California serving the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Anaheim and other communities in the area. Lead by Sven Buncher, the firm is a practical, rational and respected partner for legal matters that involve Family Law, Personal Injury and Business Litigation.

"In my core philosophy lays a simple equation,” says Buncher. “Either you can live by emotions or live well. From the perspective of litigation, one can litigate every issue available, or litigate what is in your best interest. I am your counselor, representative and advisor. My task is to present the economics of justice so that you can make value-based choices and receive the satisfaction you seek. My job is to bring the factual story to the court, to prepare you so that you can achieve your goals. Armed with truth, we will succeed."

Sven Buncher has been practicing law since 1996. He is the founding attorney of the firm. His unique insight and handling of cases is in large part due to his extensive experience in practicing in a variety of areas from family law, to business litigation and personal injury.

Prior to founding Buncher Law Corporation, Buncher gained experience as a partner and associate at both large and small law firms. He has taken the best aspects of large and small firms, to form 'The Buncher Law Corporation'. Here, clients are provided very individual attention with quick and easy access to their attorneys, along with the resources of a larger firm.

Buncher drives the importance of providing each client, no matter how large or small, the highest degree of personalized services. He approaches each case with fresh eyes as if it presents novel factual and legal issues of first impression, rather than simply treating it the same as similar cases that have come along before. He emphasizes careful case management, which is vital to minimizing costs and maximizing results. The Buncher Law philosophy is to focus on customized and personalized service, but to tailor services to maximize results, save time and money.

The firm offers a highly personalized service. In the area of family law, the firm specializes in divorce, legal separations, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, cohabitation/Marvin Actions, prenuptial agreements and other complex family law matters.
In the area of business litigation, the firm specialize in litigation for breach of contract, business buy/sell agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), fraud and contract disputes and other business-related matters.

In the area of personal injury, the Buncher Law Corporation is successful in informed consent, product defect, head injuries, Legionnaire’s Disease, medical malpractice and other matters where there is serious injury or death caused by the negligence of another person.

For more information, please contact Buncher Law Corp by calling 949-398-8720 or emailing info (at)

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