All Hands Fire Equipment Announces Emergency Situational Preparedness Tips For Safety In Times Of Crisis

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Recent news headlines include random acts of violence, natural disasters, suspicion of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of US enemies, and mandatory evacuations due to wildfires and floods. During these times of uncertainty, it's as important as ever to be in constant awareness of surroundings and to be ready to act if danger quickly unfolds. All Hands Fire Equipment is releasing Situational Awareness Safety Tips encouraging readers to stay alert to stay alive.

Situational Preparedness
Training yourself to automatically be aware of your surroundings is a great benefit to everyone...

Due to the unfortunate reoccurrence of violent acts that make headline news all too often, many communities are operating at a heightened level of awareness in order to prevent and prepare for such acts. The most notable violent incident of 2012 was the mass shooting that occurred in Aurora, Colorado on July 20 at a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. This unprecedented incident resulted in the deaths of 12 people and another 58 injured.

In light of the Aurora shooting and the potential for other incidents like it, situational awareness has become more important than ever before in order to ensure personal safety. Situational awareness is simply to be aware and alert of what is happening in one’s immediate vicinity, and understanding the impact of actions performed by everyone involved.

“Training yourself to automatically be aware of your surroundings is a great benefit to everyone”, said Chief Donald Colarusso, a 25 year veteran firefighter and president of All Hands Fire Equipment (

Below are a few tips on how to maintain safety through situational awareness:

  •     A developed sense of alertness means being aware of surroundings. Observing exits from buildings and seeing a clear path to that exit is advisable.
  •     Distractions can impede awareness so learning maintaining awareness through distractions is important and can increase safety.
  •     Anything strange should be reported to the police. This includes suspicious activities, objects or individuals.
  •     Even at the risk of inconvenience, avoidance of people and situations that provoke suspicion should become habit. If necessary, there are times when walking a different route or taking a different elevator will aid in evading potential danger.
  •     Awareness of vulnerabilities. Walking through dark parking lot, can be easily made safer by simply being escorted by a fellow employee or security personnel. Car keys in hand at the ready can mean a fast entry into a vehicle. Unattended parked cars should remain locked with windows up at all times. Once in a vehicle even with doors locked it is important to remain alert.
  •     The simple things can ensure safety such as continued cautiousness of strangers. Simple precautions, such as locked doors and windows in homes and cars provides more safety. The use of exterior lighting at night can eliminate potential dangers.
  •     Wallets and purses should be held in a manner or position that they cannot easily be taken, flashing money, jewelry, or other valuables in public can make a target out of even the most alert person.

Merely exercising situational awareness will not always guarantee personal safety, but it is always important to act in a manner that helps enhance it. Also worth noting is that any victim of theft, mugging or other crime places him or herself at greater risk of violence by acting out in retaliation. For individuals who choose to fight back during a dangerous encounter, experts recommend self defense training from reliable sources. Some common self defense options include fighting-type defensive tactics, mace / pepper spray and legal firearms. More information as well as a wide range of First Responder safety equipment can be found at

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