Tackling Taboo Subjects - UK Model Agencies Launch Brand-New Pages Dedicated To The Pressures Of Modelling

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Dealing with stress can be a real challenge for any model, say the team at the winning website for all that is modelling, UK Model Agencies. As they take the strain and add their renowned model advice and information to their web pages, UKMA really are a website dedicated to the well-being of models in general. With pressure to maintain the perfect model body still very high in the current modelling market, UK Model Agencies highlight the dangers of stress for any model, with their brand-new section of model information, just open for viewing online today.

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Dealing with stress

Stress is a very common thing to occur in this industry and dealing with it can be a real challenge

The UK's leading model agency directory explore all aspects of the modelling industry and provides aspiring and existing models with relevant information to keep their health and well-being safe and sound. The latest pages to grace the stunningly successful modelling website tackle stress and its related illnesses, explaining the symptoms of all sorts of associated ailments that can happen to any unsuspecting model. To deal with stress is a real challenge and the team at the heart of the modelling industry have done their research and are proud to highlight their findings with the release of their new pages just launched online today.

"We have an ever growing section at http://www.ukmodelagencies.co.uk called 'Model tips and advice' explains Helen Stark, Fashion Editor for UK Model Agencies."This is the category which deals with the more uncomfortable side of modelling, Stress is a very common thing to occur in this industry and dealing with it can be a real challenge," she says. "It can simply all get a bit too much, the toll of working such long hours and not getting enough sleep can all spiral out of control for any sensible model. The thing to remember is that a model is simply human and those around them are human too."

Helen has done her research and has realised that reacting to certain events can trigger a model's body to react in certain ways, which can then make the stress seem even more intense. UK Model Agencies provide facts and figures surrounding all sorts of associated illnesses to do with stress, such as alcohol abuse and depression, as well as all the other stress-related symptoms which can become very overwhelming.

"The response to stress is a very individual thing," explains Stevie Lake, Marketing Manager for UKMA."It's a lot more common in models than you think, but usually, events which trigger the stress response, usually don't last very long." Stevie goes on to say," unfortunately, in some cases, it can last a lot longer and turn into chronic stress. Our brand-new pages are aimed to help those models who think they have the symptoms, and highlight the warning signs, but also the treatments which are available. We aren't doctors, but we do deal with models on a daily basis and we see the effects that the pressure of modelling life can put on models. It's a never ending barrage of pressure, not only to maintain their body in a specific way, but stress also controls the whole mind, well-being and function, and can happen to anyone in this profession."

The website and the team behind it really are experts in their field and would advise any model to get in contact with their GP for help if they feel the pressure is getting out of hand.

See the brand-new pages on the website dedicated to all that is modelling at http://www.ukmodelagencies.co.uk and fill out the form for any model related advice free of charge.

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