8 Ball Comments On Airline’s Decision To Refuse Passenger Sporting Controversial T Shirt

Delta Airlines refused to let PhD student Arijit Guha board a flight to Arizona last week because he was wearing a satirical t shirt sporting an anti-Transportation Security Administration slogan.

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the traveller was told by the pilot that he was not allowed to board the plane

(PRWEB UK) 31 August 2012

A representative from 8 Ball, one of the UK’s best-known online t shirt retailers, has given his views on the move from the high profile airline.

Guha and his wife were taken aside by TSA officials as they made their way through the security gates at Buffalo-Niagara airport in the state of New York. According to the Daily Mail, a staff member explained that his t-shirt, which was emblazoned with the words ‘Bombs ZOMG ZOMG Terrists’, was making other passengers feel uncomfortable, and Guha was politely asked to remove it.

However, after further bouts of screening, the traveller was told by the pilot that he was not allowed to board the plane, as other passengers felt uncomfortable with the t-shirt’s message.

A team member from 8 Ball believes the case is yet another example of the power of the humble t shirt when it comes to communicating strong (and often controversial) messages.

“Many have taken to the web to argue that Arijit was acting irresponsibly by wearing the tee, as he was aware it was likely to cause uproar at the airport. But whichever side you take, this incident proves that t shirt designs can have a profound impact on the public’s perception of an individual, regardless of their background or their sense of humour,” he says.

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