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The Euro has weakened drastically, creating deep-seated fears in businesses and individuals alike about the value of their money. One way to safeguard money is to convert Euros to a stable currency, such as the Australian dollar. Technocash offers a term deposits service for account holders.

Converting funds from the ailing Euro to the strong Australian dollar may help individuals and businesses preserve the value of their money. Technocash, a licensed Australian financial institution, offers a solution to alleviate the uncertainty of funds held in the Euro. Technocash account holders are able to access the term deposits service - where Technocash acts as an agent on a contract basis and places funds in a term deposit with an Australian licensed bank, credit union or building society.

Visit for more information on providing a safer environment for funds.

Excellent credit ratings for Aussie banks

According to evaluations carried out by Standard & Poor, the big four banks in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) have a solid credit rating of AA-.

This means funds are deposited in a relatively safe environment in a country which enjoys a stable economic climate and "rock solid" economical fundamentals, according to Wayne Swan, named world's best treasurer in 2011 by magazine Euromoney and deputy prime minister of Australia. Risk minimisation is vital when it concerns the value of money in its entirety - a strong economy and reliable currency greatly reduce uncertainty.

Maintaining status quo by holding Euros means low interest on funds and the possibility of losing money if the Euro continues to weaken. "Are you worried about your Euros? Park your money in the Australian dollar because it is a safer economy," Paul Monsted, a managing director of Technocash said.

"Technocash can help you set up a term deposit and earn interest".

Term deposits: Enjoy interest on the principal amount

Appointing Technocash as an agent to place money in a segregated term deposit enables individuals and businesses to access an interest rate of about 3% on funds. Need a convenient way to convert Euros into Australian dollar? Technocash customers are able to access the term deposits service and benefit from the stable Australian economic climate and a safer environment for their funds.

Contact Technocash on info(at)technocash(dot)com for more information on opening a GFX (for individuals) or Business Account and utilising the term deposits service.

DISCLAIMER: Technocash Limited aims to provide useful and informative general information and this page is not providing financial advice. Technocash receives compensation and commissions from the companies whose products Technocash promotes. Technocash is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are Technocash's own. Before signing up for any program, one should seek prior independent, professional, relevant advice and consider if it is appropriate in terms of one's experience, objectives, needs and circumstances. All currency conversions within Technocash are unhedged. Hedge swaps can be arranged with Australian banks if required.

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