Invites Coupon Clipping Moms to Sign Up and Earn Money with Their Affiliate Program

Share Article, which has launched a Beta version of their site have announced that they are building an industry leading printable coupon site, but they will also be providing any deal-seeking mom with the ability to have their own, fully automated, printable coupon site, which can earn them money. Don't be too concerned if you are not technical or savvy with the home computer, because if you can create a Facebook account you can manage your own printable coupon website.

This affiliate program is about taking something that is already a positive and making it even better. Nothing would make us more happy than if we had tens of thousands of affiliates making money, simply by helping others save it., which can only be described as the most ideal name for any company in the printable coupon industry, has launched an early Beta version its site. Of course it goes without saying that "coupon clippers" and "discount divas" will be able to find all of the top money-saving offers that major department stores and other consumer goods producers offer. What sets this website and company apart from its competitors such as and are the extras that it offers members of their site. Unlike others in the space, offers its members the opportunity to earn money and spread their passion for coupons to others through an exclusive offer.

For those who are unfamiliar with affiliate programs, most often a company or website will give some of its clients the opportunity to earn money by effectively promoting their service. is taking the coupon affiliate game to the next level, by not only offering their members with an easy-to-manage affiliate website, but also 100% of the coupon revenue share for the first six-months of the program. On average most companies will split the revenue with the affiliate 70/30, meaning seventy-percent of all revenue goes to the company and thirty-percent of the revenue is shared with the affiliate.

With the affiliate program, after the initial six-month term is up, the revenue share will revert to a 50/50 split.

DNSR, a competitive intelligence and e-commerce consulting company based out of Delray Beach, Florida, has been commissioned to not only develop the business model, but also develop the affiliate website technology that will power it.

According to DNSR Founder, Sean Sullivan, the affiliate program will be very easy for any individual to manage, even those who would consider themselves "novice" computer users. Sullivan said, "We have developed a truly unique solution that is extremely easy to launch and more importantly, to continue managing. Personally, I'm not a “coder”, mostly just an analyst who has an understanding of online marketing and fundamentally believes in the absolute necessity of creating tools and services that are simple for any individual to use. Our goal has been to create something that will allow anyone who is passionate about coupons to be able to focus on that and not worry about the programming side of things. I definitively feel that we have accomplished that goal. With regard to how easy it is to use our solution, if you can create a Facebook page, you can operate your own affiliate website."

Sullivan further explained that in order for any site or application to have mass appeal and become “sticky,” it needs to accomplish three things. First, it must be incredibly simple to use. Next, it has to have a social component that encourages users to share it with others. Finally, it has to spark an emotional connection with people.

Instagram became wildly popular because people enjoy sharing captured moments with others. Even Groupon has attributed much of their rapid growth to the fact that consumers enjoy bragging to their friends and family about the great discounts they were getting. So the challenge for and its affiliate program, is to offer a service that achieves those three same goals.

Sullivan certainly has set the bar pretty high; however creating a targeted and tailored solution for one specific audience is something that he is very familiar with. His company has applied the same methods and practices to other industries in the past. In total there are more than 500 other similarly simplified technology driven affiliate sites in the incorporation services industry that are being powered by a network that DNSR technology controls. Those sites are mostly being managed by an entirely different group of novice computer users, attorneys.

Sullivan’s other company called LLC.NET, provides consumers with the ability to find discounts on incorporation services, in many ways it is like a “” for small business filings. In order to expand his company’s online presence he decided to offer attorneys all over the country the ability to expand their service offerings. When his company began building the affiliate solution, one thing became crystal clear; most attorneys were not great with computers.

So, instead of trying to convince attorneys to learn about programming, he went back to the drawing board and found a way to simplify the process, thus fixing the problem. In the end, his team achieved their goal and now there are more than 500 sites powered by his technology solution. Now, Sullivan and his company DNSR, are setting their sights on the coupon industry and bringing the same opportunities to anyone who has a passion for helping others save money, while also making some extra cash for themselves.

So your next question might be, ‘Well, exactly how much can someone earn with one of these sites?’ The simple answer is that it really depends on how passionate someone is about promoting their website.

According to Sullivan, some of the most popular coupon sites are often run by stay-at-home moms and women who find free time to promote their site through their network of friends, family and co-workers. Facebook and other social networks are often great resources for promoting side projects or small businesses run from home. According to data collected by DNSR, some of the individuals who have popular coupon related blogs earn more than $15,000 a month. Now, those results don't come overnight and, like anything in life, the more effort you put into something the greater the reward.

Sullivan continued, "Do I think that every person that signs up for this free program will make $15,000 a month? No I do not. Do I think they have the potential to make a lot of money? Absolutely. I think the bigger picture needs to be that there are obviously millions of consumers who not only use coupons out of necessity, but also because they enjoy them, so this affiliate program is about taking something that is already a positive and making it even better. Nothing would make our team more happy than if we had tens of thousands of affiliates making money, simply by helping others save it."

A temporary site has been up for about a week and what has been most interesting to Sullivan and DNSR is that of the visitors who have come to the site and registered, 70% have indicated that they are interested in obtaining an affiliate site of their own.

Individuals who are interested in finding out more about the launch date and its affiliate program can do so by visiting or by visiting one of the example affiliate sites by going to is based out of Delray Beach, Florida.

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