It's Not About Weight Loss For Women Anymore, It's About Creating A Healthy Lifestyle Forever

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Taylor Ryan, expert trainer, blogger, and business owner has finally released Fit Women's Weekly. This is a fit lifestyle design website exclusively for women. It helps women by giving them weekly workouts, and weekly meal plans. In a 6 month session it teaches women how to make the necessary changes for longterm health and happiness.

Fit Women's weekly

Fit Women's Weekly

The whole fitness industry focuses on weight loss, but weight is just a symptom for a bigger problem. Fix the problem at the fundamental level and the symptoms go away.

Fit Women's Weekly is the new creation from Taylor Ryan. Taylor currently blogs over at and she has been growing quite the following. However, Fit Women's Weekly is her answer to the biggest problem with women's weight loss, namely that the focus should not be on weight loss alone.

"The whole fitness industry focuses on weight loss, but weight is just a symptom for a bigger problem. Fix the problem at the fundamental level and the symptoms go away," says Taylor. Taylor goes onto say, "so with weight loss, forget about weight and just built the healthy exercise habits, the nutritional habits, and the mental habits behind living an energized healthy life. You'll find when you do this, your weight just falls off automatically and it will shock you too. It couldn't be any easier"

That is the focus of Fit Women's Weekly. It provides it's members with weekly workout programs. These workouts are 99% bodyweight so they can be done anywhere. But don't think they are easy as they are extremely effective and intense. These programs last anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes long. They concentrate on full body training, really forcing you to use your coordination, balance, along with your strength to complete the moves. The best thing about them is they are perfect for a women just getting started and they are easily adaptable to push even the most advanced fitness woman.

It doesn't stop there as each workout is paired with a meal plan and grocery list of the week. These two things give the members all the tools they need to build a lifestyle that is healthy. The meal plans are based on a substitution plan and not even for every meal. Taylor only recommends to start small and change one or two things. Get used to that and keep substituting and experimenting with food. Plus her grocery lists can really save shoppers money.

But Taylor doesn't stop there. "It's about mentality and goal setting and personal development more than anything else. If you can get your mind right then exercising and changing your nutritional life is something you crave to do," says Taylor.

The Fit Women's Weekly program runs on a 6 month plan. Taylor didn't want to lock her members into paying monthly on a perpetual basis. She says that 6 months is a great amount of time to really solidify these habits. When you're done, all the skills for being healthy and curing the base issues that lead to weight loss, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more will be cured. It's amazing what happens when small change are made.

Fit Women's Weekly and are part of Taylor women's only fitness empire. She is out to really help women understand what being healthy is about and how everything fits together. is her blog where she is always giving great advice, videos, and interviews as well. Fit Women's Weekly is her personal training website where you can go to change your life.

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