Polyonics Introduces New Heat Resistant Tapes to Solve High Temperature Problems in Harsh Environments

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Polyonics introduces a new generation of ultra-thin, thermal resistant tapes that help protect heat sensitive devices and components in harsh environments. These tapes include high strength single and double coated adhesives (PSA) that are dimensionally stable over a wide range of temperatures and at high humidity. The heat resistant tapes include liners for die cutting and auto application. Static dissipative, antistatic and halogen free flame retardant versions are also available.

Dimensional Stability of Polyonics High Temperature Tapes

Polyonics heat resistant tapes help protect sensitive devices from high heat as well as humidity, fire and electrostatic charges.

Electronic and electrical components continue to get smaller and more powerful. Although this saves precious space, it also can create more heat. In the hand held electronics industry these components are also more likely to be combined with other devices and/or embedded more closely within products and in many cases they are also becoming more sensitive to heat. With the future growth of high powered electronic and printed electronic devices assured, there is a driving need for high tech materials to help manage this heat, protect the products and increase their functionality.

Polyonics manufactures a family of new generation, heat resistance single and double coated tapes that are finding increased success in a variety of high temperature masking and bonding applications in and beyond the electronics industry. These include the communications, automotive, aerospace and medical industries. The double coated versions are also gaining acceptance in the HVAC industry as replacements to more traditional adhesives, fasteners and even welds. In addition, the single coated tapes are seen as possible replacements to conformal coatings across the electronics manufacturing spectrum.

Dimensional Stability
The key to thermal management is dimensional stability. When a tape changes shape at elevated temperatures it can expose thermally sensitive areas of the component to heat thus risking damage to the product. Polyonics high temperature polyimide and polyester tapes offer a high degree of dimensional stability to maintain their original shape and continue to protect thermally sensitive surfaces at temperatures up to 500°C.

Polyimide film provides tremendous advantages in thermal management. Its high strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion and chemical resistance allows it to be the material of choice especially in the electronics industries (see Dimensional Change chart at right). But the film is only half of the equation. The design of the adhesive (PSA) is, in many regards, even more important to the overall success of the tape.

Polyonics formulates it's high temperature PSAs using ThermoGard™ technologies that combine a variety dimensional control additives and nano particles to further guaranty the final tape construction remains dimensionally stable over a wider range of temperatures. The PSAs are available in both acrylic and silicone versions and in a variety of thicknesses and strengths to best match the application and substrate. The tapes combine these unique PSAs with either polyimide or polyester films to provide ideal adhesion for insulating, isolating, masking and bonding in high temperature and harsh environments (see Material Comparisons chart at right).

Antistatic and Flame Retardants
Polyonics engineered tapes can also be configured to provide halogen free flame retardant performance to help prevent the propagation of fire (see UL94 flame test video above right). This feature becomes particularly important in avionics and hand help devices where both heat resistance and fire prevention are critical. The flame retardant tapes are rigorously tested for compliance to some of the most stringent industry flammability standards including UL94―with most receiving the highest VTM0 rating―and the aerospace flammability, smoke and toxicity standards FAR 25.853 and BSS 7238.7239 standards.

The tapes can also include antistatic and/or static dissipative properties. These ESD tapes include surface resistances of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms (see Static Dissipative chart at right) that are ideal to help dissipate electrostatic charges during operation and protect static sensitive devices from ESD. The tapes also have low peel voltages (<100v) to help minimize potentially damaging static charges from occurring when their liners are removed. This antistatic feature also significantly improves the efficiency of the overall die cut and auto application processes.

For additional information, please contact tape(dot)expert(at)polyonics(dot)com or Dave Genest at 603.903.6327.

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