Jockular Behavior: The Endless Antics of Rich & Shameless Athletes – Sports Humor e-Book & Website Invites Readers to Submit Their Jokes and Publishes the Best Ones

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The first-ever interactive sports humor e-book and website invites readers to submit their jokes — and publishes the best ones. “Kick off” your NFL season with the above title that packs more than 600 jokes into 12 chapters. See LOL Jockular Behavior humor samples via & click on “Look Inside” above the book’s cover. and seven other online retailers now feature the above title that packs more than 600 jokes into 12 chapters. Jockular Behavior tackles consumers’ insatiable appetite for the failures of famous jockular icons, who, overnight, are suddenly “sporting” tarnished reputations. Daily, it seems, athletes commit silly crimes and misdemeanors —from multiple DUIs to spiked testosterone levels; from strip clubs in the wee hours to guns in the locker room; from not-so-sweet tweets to cell phone snapshots that, uh, shoot below the belt. Consumers with a taste for those transgressions will find Jockular Behavior an “all you can eat” buffet.

And Jockular Behavior is more than a book. At readers click on “Submit Jokes & Enter Contests” and check back to see if their contest submissions make the cut for new humor regularly appearing on the web site and/or in an upcoming print edition.

A “Current Jockular Joke” at the web site centers on an arrogant athlete’s recent headline-grabbing antics that allows Jockular Behavior’s comedy writers (and readers who submit punchlines) to respond and update the web site with endless free refills of jokes. Here are two examples:

“I’m indebted to my parents. Come to think of it, I’m in debt to seven casinos,
the Mafia, and Michael Jordan, too.” - Charles Barkley

(find 100’s of other Not So Sweet Tweet(s) in Jockular Behavior’s Chapter 2)

Judge Judy, by the SF Giants in response to Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension for violating MLB’s drug policy. The team says she’ll keep the players in line, serving as “a great enforcer on drug issues because she has more testosterone than an entire NFL football team.”

(find 50+ more fake and flaky sports Transactions in Jockular Behavior’s Chapter 6)

Our sports heroes’ headline-grabbing antics provide us an endless laugh track, and — admit it — you secretly LOL as one tainted superstar after the next falls from public grace with a shameless THUD. In response to these athletes’ constant screw-ups, readers might say: “Pinch me. You cannot make this stuff up. How could someone so famous be so stupid?”

The only question is who will be the next sports icon worthy of lampoon (!)

Simply put, what and People Magazine do for celebrity screw-ups, Jockular Behavior does for sinking sports superstars (whose rap sheets provide ample tinder for roasting, similar to how other popular schadenfreude media have built a cold-cash dynasty that capitalizes upon media consumers’ fascination with “Gotcha” schadenfreude humor).

This first-ever interactive sports book’s 12 chapters (137 pages) invite readers to write funny responses on its pages and/or to email us jokes in contests (write to us at The best reader-submitted jokes are featured with the new content our staff is always adding at the ever-freshened web site.

Selected chapters include:
C.R.A.S.S. Clowns ( Crass, Rude, Arrogant, Scandalous Superstar). The latest stumblebum jokes.

NOT SO SWEET TWEET (Return to sender?)

JOCKULAR BEHAVIOR INSIDER CAPTION CONTEST (Readers submit solutions as captions for a weird sports cartoon)

BUMPER STICKER SLOGANS (Which ass-backward behavior by athletes is worthy of slapping on your car’s behind?)

BOOKS WRITTEN BY DOPEY ATHLETES (Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the vainest author of all?)

8 WORD EPITAPHS (R.I.P., as here’s how we’ll remember you)

GLOSSARY (You've got your dictionary, but it won't help you much with sports clichés. THIS one will.)

A suite of sharp-barbed, fun, and unique jockular online products may be accessed via the “Shop” button at

Here’s what national comics are saying about Jockular Behavior:

  • Dobie Maxwell, (a nationally touring comedian standup comic since 1985):                                

“As the first-ever interactive sports humor title, Jockular Behavior features clever, needle-sharp comedy. It’s in a league by itself.”

  • Dan Riley, (guitar comic and featured performer on television, concerts and conventions): “Schadenfreude (SHAH-dn-Froy-duh) is one of my favorite words. It is defined as ‘pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune.’ Professional sports are filled with worthy targets for it, and Jockular Behavior hits the bulls-eye again and again!”

For more information please contact James Carlton at 414-305-8349,

Jockular Behavior is Edelstein Productions, LLC’s premiere title of three humor titles that share a schadenfreude/”Gotcha” humor theme. Two additional interactive titles focusing on political and Hollywood-based humor will feature readers’ submitted jokes when they roll out in 2013 and 2014.

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