Cloud PACS Set Guinness Book World Record

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Storing data in the cloud has become mainstream practice for the public and for corporations. It has made a huge impact on our daily lives, and the technology hasn’t been lost on those in the healthcare industry.

GE Healthcare in combination with Core Sound Imaging’s web-based ultrasound reporting solution, Studycast®, provided free screening echocardiograms to over 1,000 people in rural India in just 2 days, setting a Guinness Book World Record 555 Doppler studies performed in 24 hours!

How did the team of cardiologists manage to screen and diagnose so many people in such a short amount of time? Studycast’s cloud PACS platform allows for the safe and secure storing and sharing of ultrasound images online, accessible anywhere with internet access.

“The technological achievement of this event cannot be overstated. In just 2 days, over 1,000 echoes were performed in remote, rural, NW India, those exams digitized and uploaded to the Internet [Studycast®] cloud for interpretation by dozens of volunteer readers all over the world, usually within 8 hours of acquisition” said ASE President, Dr. James Thomas, MD, FASE, FACC.

Before the “cloud” concept became affordable and accessible by healthcare providers, mobile radiologists would have to burn ultrasound images onto CDs and videos, and then physically get in their car and drive or mail them to the reading physician. The process would take multiple days (or more) to get results back to the patient. Cloud PACS completely removes the need for hard copies and transportation.

A cloud PACS solution eliminates the need for thermal paper and hand written notes because all ultrasound images and reports are stored remotely online on a secure server, also known as the "cloud." This helps with quality control and assurance while saving valuable time in the radiologist’s workday.

Cloud PACS also help improve diagnostic testing for physicians. Reading physicians require fast access to patient information. A web-based solution significantly improves an imaging center's ability to process and share these diagnostic tests and medical studies.

Rather than waiting 2-10 days to see the results of a diagnostic test, web-based solutions allow reading physicians to receive and access the reports immediately and automatically. Reading physicians who use web-based diagnostic testing and imaging can complete interpretations any time on any computer with internet access. This means greater flexibility for the specialist and a faster turnaround time for the referring physician.

Health care systems in India, the U.S. and around the world are under enormous pressure to improve efficiency and quality of care while reducing costs. Medical imaging done electronically with cloud PACS means imaging departments can cut costs associated with film, CDs, videotapes, packaging and shipping.

Many standard PACS systems require constant administrative support and maintenance. This can put a strain on already tight medical budgets. A web-based diagnostic testing solution eliminates the need for an expensive in-house IT department.

About Studycast
Studycast is the leader in mobile ultrasound imaging and diagnostic testing. Based out of Raleigh, NC, Studycast cloud PACS systems are used across the U.S. and the world. To learn more about Studycast web-based medical imaging solutions please visit their website at or call (919) 277-0636.

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