Mark Cartwright of Dallas: Knowing PTSD Symptoms is Vital

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PTSD is a growing concern in the United States; medical professionals, like Mark Cartwright of Dallas, say that knowing the symptoms and signs of this condition is highly important.

Over the past several weeks alone, the United States has collectively witnessed a number of events that might be classified as “traumatic,” ranging from the tragic Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings to the violent actions that took place on the street, outside the Empire State Building more recently. As such, it comes as no surprise that post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is considered by many psychologists to be a growing problem in American society. CNN recently published an article exhorting readers to know and understand the signs and symptoms of PTSD. The article has won the attention, and the agreement, of Mark Cartwright of Dallas.

Mark Cartwright is a psychologist with years of experience, treating patients from throughout he Dallas-Fort Worth area. Though Dr. Cartwright has performed evaluations and treatments for cases ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s, PTSD is one of his specialty areas. Mark Cartwright of Dallas has released a new press statement, responding to the recent CNN article and to PTSD trends in general.

“PTSD is a growing problem in our society,” remarks Dr. Cartwright in his statement to the press. “The symptoms can come to surface in many ways, affecting families and individuals alike. This disorder affects men and women, and it is critical to treat these symptoms as soon as they begin.”

The medical provider goes on to explain some of the ways in which treatment can be obtained. “There are a variety of clinics, hospitals, and community-based agencies that can provide such services,” he says. “It is also important for these agencies to make their services readily available and accessible to the population. It is likewise vital for professionals to continue to train themselves and others about this complex disorder and to create evidence-based practices that are effective in multiple settings.”

The CNN article echoes Dr. Cartwright’s assertions about the importance of understanding PTSD. The article says the first and foremost thing to understand is that experiencing emotional distress, particularly in the wake of an intense or harrowing experience, is not the same thing as having PTSD. Often, these emotions are normal; it is when they are prolonged and uncontrollable that concern is in order.

CNN continues by observing some of the telltale signs of PTSD. These include revisitations of the traumatizing event, in the form of flashbacks or nightmares; avoidance of people or places that remind the victim of the traumatic event; feelings of emotional numbness; and hyperarousal, which might include angry outbursts or general irritability.

Mark Cartwright of Dallas is a licensed specialist, serving patients throughout Texas.


A psychologist in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area, Mark Cartwright specializes in school psychology. Mark Cartwright of Dallas attended Ohio State University, where he earned his master's and doctorate degrees, and Ohio University, where he earned his bachelor's degree. Mark Cartwright of Dallas completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Dallas Medical Center of the University of Texas Southwestern. Mark Cartwright of Dallas currently offers his services as a licensed specialist in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and treatment of ADHD, anxiety disorders, PTSD, autism, and dementia.

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