New Book Release: “New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government” by Wm W. Fawell

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“New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government”,, is a bare knuckles expose’ of the history of the ruling class in America, who they are, how they got there, how they are destroying America, and how all Americans can rid the nation of their plague and RESET America to her greatness and bounty for all Americans.

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"Americans have had it with both the Democratic and Republican Parties... There's a cigarette paper difference between them....

“Americans have had it with both the Democratic and Republican Parties,” Wm W. Fawell announced at the release. “There’s a cigarette paper difference between them and they both represent unrestrained spending, central planning, crooked markets, lobbyist favors, and unrestrained financial mayhem by the Federal Reserve Bank. Both parties know they’re going to hand America the bill in taxes, inflation, and short-changed social security and health care, and they’re O.K. with that. But Americans aren’t.”

“New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government”, kicks open the door to reveal everything America’s ruling elite does not want Americans to know. Concealed behind the mass media they own, Fawell’s “New American Revolution” explains the art behind the lie of omission, the financialization of America, and the history of the parasitic neo-cons, 2B2Fail banksters, oil, and their syncophant media, and financier, the Federal Reserve Bank, that continue to drag America down.

Masterfully written with an extensive table of contents to guide the reader, “New American Revolution” provides an entertaining and easy to read text, and lifts the shade to clearly explain the illusion of Keynesian Economic Theory, the intricacies of the different gold standards (phony & classical), and fiat money. Fawell then goes on to reveal the economic truth that defines and separates tyranny from Liberty, as well as the cause of war and revolution, the latter of which threatens governments world wide and is defined by history as, “a governmental bankruptcy of its people”.

Crafted from over 40 years of study and research into the horror of revolution that has struck America twice before, “New American Revolution” is a window to this calamity that stalks America today. By revealing the nature of revolution beset by a purchased and leaderless Federal government driving America to the fiscal edge, New American Revolution shares the only means by which to RESET America, by conducting a legal, peaceful, and constitutional overthrow of the United States Government.

The book includes a check list to Liberty called the Contract With Americans: 2012, with the following 9 points:
·    Remove and Replace the Federal Reserve Bank and Install a Classical Gold Standard
·    Package Bankruptcy of the Insolvent 2B2Fail Banks
·    No One is Above the Law: RICO Violations in the Crash of 2008
·    License to Steal: End of Wall Streets Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction
·    A Balanced Budget and Presidential Line Item Veto
·    Pulling Back the Supreme Court and Our Sovereignty
·    Pax Americana/ Ending the Neo-Cons, A Liberty Based Foreign Policy
·    A New 100 Page Tax Code
·    Term Limits

“America’s only salvation is through Liberty, which is only attained by forcing Congress to reclaim all its constitutional powers that have been “outsourced”, and placing the whole back into the Public Forum where no man rules. This simple action turns the rule over government back to the people, and so defines Liberty,” Fawell clarified. “This allows the economic system and model of Liberty to replace the current model of failure we find in tyranny, and restores America’s greatness and bounty for all Americans.”

“Only by the blessing of Liberty can America restore her fiscal solvency, and avoid the bankrupt and destructive nature of revolution that leaves no one untouched and everyone harmed.”

“This book gives you the background you need to know because you’ve never heard the side of Liberty before, because America has been so long without Liberty, most people have no idea how it can provide a vastly improved way of life for all Americans,” impressed Fawell.

“Instead, everyone from economists to the talking heads on TV view our world in the muddled color of tyranny, which is a crooked game. Our most difficult task, is to get America to start thinking in terms of the life altering improvements inherent to the rapidly growing plant of Liberty. It is a catalyst, a living system that brings equal wealth to all, and has the ability to do it quickly.”

“This book, “New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government”,, is a large step in the right direction to restoring Liberty to America,” Fawell concluded.

“New America Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government”, is available only through the website, by card or check, and is available as an ebook at

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Wm W. Fawell is available for interviews through the contact information above, and is currently working on his next book, “New American Reformation: Utopia or Oblivion (after the gold rush). Wm. is also working to carry out the objectives of New American Revolution, by organizing 162 million registered American voters to elect a new Congress.

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