Instacube and SmartThings Partner Together Mid-Campaign on Kickstarter to Create Next Generation Smart Device

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For the first time ever, two companies have come together amidst their respective kickstarter campaigns to make both projects even more incredible. The integration of SmartThing's cloud-based platform with Instacube's Android-based system delivers the intelligence of SmartThing's capabilities to consumers via Instacube's delightful display and simple and elegant UI.

Instacube and SmartThings on Wednesday announced a unique partnership between their two Kickstarter campaigns, both of which are just 2 weeks old and have already raised six figures each. Instacube, with its unique digital photo viewing technology, will integrate with the SmartThings' platform in order to give the user the ability to not only view the lives of the people they love, but sense and control the world around them.

“Instacube just became smarter, and SmartThings became even sexier,” said Andy Butler, Instacube & D2M CEO. “We gave them in-home UI and display, and they gave us contextual presence and event awareness and response.”

The companies plan on working together to merge the benefits of SmartThings’ SmartApps technology and Instacube’s simple, connected Wi-Fi display. Instacube will provide an alternative interface for SmartThings notifications and apps, and in return, SmartThings will increase the functionality of Instacube.

Here are just a few examples: With the help of SmartThings, Instacube can be motion-activated and turned on or off with smart sensors. When someone knocks on your door, SmartApps can push a photo of the visitor straight to your Instacube. Or, when a user wakes up, Instacube can trigger SmartThings’ series of “morning” events, including turning the light on in the bathroom and brewing the coffee.

“A lot of people have been asking for intuitive on-off sleep timers and motion sensors,” Butler said. “Consumers are cognizant of power consumption and demand more efficient hardware. The partnership with SmartThings gives us added capabilities and feature options that go far beyond that in a completely unexpected way.”

“We knew the SmartThings community would be thrilled to have all of the power of the platform become visual,” said Alex Hawkinson, CEO of SmartThings. “Together we’re creating one of the most advanced customer experiences available. This is a great example of how our open platform can be leveraged to create amazing benefits for consumers.”

“Through this simple integration with SmartThings, we have greatly expanded the capabilities of Instacube, bringing amazing new benefits to the users of both products,” said Butler. “Kickstarter has been a powerful force for us, not only bringing us together with users but also with other great entrepreneurs.”

Instacube and SmartThings have raised nearly $1,000,000 and both campaigns will close preorders on September 21, 2012.

The latest incubation innovation out of D2M (D2M | Design to Matter), Instacube is a living canvas for your Instagram, liberating your photos from your smartphone and displaying them at 3x the size. D2M has been able to raised $400,000 in the first half of the Kickstarter campaign. D2M | Design to Matter is a veteran full-service Design consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley & Hong Kong. D2M is lead by serial entrepreneurs Andy Butler & Bill Burnett (who doubles as the executive director of the Stanford Design School.) They are currently working to help previously funded Kickstarter projects fulfill their manufacturing, in addition to seeking funding for their own innovations and maintaining client work. Instacube was Designed my John Whaley, head of Industrial Design and User Experience and D2M. Their Kickstarter campaign can be seen here.

SmartThings is changing the face of home automation, smarter energy and how we interact with the physical world around us by dramatically simplifying the technology in a way that ‘just works’ out of the box. SmartThings has raised $600,000 in funding in the first half of their campaign. The SmartApps cloud-based software platform allows users to install apps into their lives, just like you would on your phone, that make the world and previously unintelligent physical devices smarter, more reactive and more enjoyable. Finally, SmartThings is building an open platform and embracing the developer and maker communities in a way that will significantly expand the range of applications and devices that will become smart. Visit the SmartThings kickstarter campaign at

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