Capital Meats: Proper Food Planning can Prevent Wasteful Spending Among Consumers

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A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council reveals that Americans waste, on average, $2,275 each year by throwing out 40 percent of their food. Quality meat provider, Capital Meats offers tips on how families can reduce waste and save money at the same time.

Although children are often told by their parents to “eat everything off their plates” a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council suggests that Americans may not be making the most of their food resources as other countries do. A recent article from Yahoo highlights this study reveals that “the average American family of four throws away 40 percent of the food they purchase—as much as 20 pounds of food per person per month, a new report says—and spends $2,275 a year on food they never end up eating.” The article also provides several tips to help Americans reduce their food-related economic impact. In response to these new findings, Capital Meats states that while Americans might waste food, it is not a difficult problem to correct with the proper planning.

The article notes that in comparison to other countries, Americans are more concerned with the appearance and quality of food. Although food safety is an important factor to include in one’s diet, the article notes that imperfect-looking, yet healthy produce will never make it out of the store due to consumer expectation. In addition, shoppers will pass up or throw away foods that have not spoiled simply because the “use by” date has expired.

In both instances, Yahoo notes that Americans are sending a large amount of food to the landfill. The article adds, “Just reducing that amount by 15 percent would feed more than 25 million Americans.” Capital Meats notes representative Keith Byrd comments, “If you buy week-to-week from the grocery store, you run the risk of wasting what you don't use. Stock up your freezer with Capital Meats products, and you only use as little or as much as you need without wasting anything.”

Capital Meats explains that these new figures should make a heavy impact on American consumers, as the financial stress of back-to-school shopping and the upcoming holidays can tighten budgets. Following the article’s suggestion to “shop wisely,” Keith Byrd concludes, “A tight budget does not mean a family has to eat boxed mac-and-cheese for the rest of the year—they simply have to plan appropriately. Capital Meats’ steaks, chicken, pork and seafood are all flash frozen and vacuum-sealed, so customers can stock up, save money and reduce waste. If one uses freezer space wisely, he or she can easily store a six month supply of meats, and in turn save money by buying in bulk!”

Capital Meats has provided quality meat products at unmatched prices for American families since 1997. Founded in Winchester, Virginia, the products sold by this family-owned company rival the taste and quality of similar products at five-star restaurants. Every ounce of beef, poultry, and pork that Capital Meats sells comes from an American source. In order to provide the highest quality seafood products regardless of the season, the firm’s seafood is sometimes sourced from international locations. All products are prepared carefully to protect freshness and nutrition. Meats are flash-frozen and packaged individually for shipment to your home. This ensures that all products meet the most exacting taste standards.

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